SM shares more than 150,000 won… Kakao is also becoming difficult to tender

SM entertainment logo [SM엔터테인먼트 제공] On the 8th, the second day of Kakao’s tender offer for SM Entertainment, SM’s share price exceeded the tender offer price of 150,000 won, raising a red flag for Kakao’s plan to secure a stake. In the KOSDAQ market on this day, SM finished trading at 158,500 won, up 5.88% […]

The monthly rent is 270,000 won, but the management fee is 1.05 million won?

Real estate sales flyer at a real estate agency in downtown Seoul. random news The result of a survey showed that landlords transfer part of the rent to management costs in order to avoid rental income tax and transfer the tax burden, which happens more often in multi-family houses such as villas and detached houses […]

Waste collection fee of 32,000 won, sanitation worker sacked … Court “Unemployment benefit should not be given”

An environmental sanitation worker clears fallen leaves on Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul. / Correspondent Junheon Lee An environmental sanitation worker who was fired for the so-called ‘dadabang’ act of collecting illegally left waste and received compensation filed a lawsuit seeking unemployment benefits, but lost at the first trial. Judge Jung Woo-yong of the 8th administrative court […]

Affordable transportation card users saved an average of 13,000 won per month

[경제 365] It was found that thrifty transportation card users saved an average of 13,000 won in transportation costs in the first quarter of this year. The Thrifty Transportation Card is a transportation card that measures the distance traveled when using public transportation with a smartphone and reduces fares by up to 30%. The Ministry […]

Subscription Evening (12/20): Abolition of purchase limit at duty-free shops Freezing of electricity rates… what will be different next year

News summary on the way home from work, Subsletter Evening. the government has announced Although there are many and complicated contents, I have selected only the contents that will be helpful to the low-income households. Duty-free shop purchase limit disappears Taking an international flight is exciting in itself. There are moments when I feel good […]