Goodbye to the famous Nakhon Sawan monk after social media revealed secret photos

It became another hot topic in the monastic community. When social media has published images The man looks inappropriate. because it resembles a monk with an unknown man identified as a deputy parish priest in Nakhon Sawan province identified It is predicted that Wat Hang Nam, Tha Tako District, with the abbot of the temple. […]

Angle: “carrot and stick” Mr. Lula to the Brazilian army, not easy control | Reuters

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazilian President Lula has used a “carrot and stick” to establish his authority over the military, even after the attacks on the presidential palace and parliament on Saturday. President Bolsonaro. On January 23, Brazilian President Lula (pictured) used a combination of “carrots and sticks” against the army to establish his authority. He […]

France to increase the 2024-30 defense budget by over a third | Reuters

French President Emmanuel Macron (pictured centre) delivered a speech at the Monde-Marsan air base in the south-west of the country on January 20, announcing an increase in the defense budget to a total of 413 billion euros ($447 billion) for 2024 -30. Representative photo (2023 Reuters) MONDE MARSAN, France (Reuters) – French President Emmanuel Macron […]

Sexual assault: Brazilian footballer Dani Alves arrested – Brazilian footballer Dani Alves arrested in Spain after complaints from women about sexual assault | Malayalam News, World News | Manorama Online

Barcelona – The Brazilian football player, Dani Alves, has been arrested by the Barcelona police in Spain in a case of sexual assault. The arrest was based on the woman’s complaint that Dani Alves had sexually assaulted her in a nightclub in Barcelona on December 31 during the New Year celebrations. However, Spanish media reported […]

Sexual exploitation, death threats: Wrestlers protest against Wrestling Federation of India president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh continues | Malayalam News, India News | Manorama Online

New Delhi ∙ Wrestling Federation President and BJP MP Brijbhushan Saran Singh and some coaches have accused female wrestlers of sexually exploiting them and threatening to kill them. Prominent wrestlers, including Olympians, have said that if action is not taken at the government level against the criminals, they will go to the police with a […]

Angle: Iran tightens repression, noting ‘more anger is building’ | Reuters

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iranian authorities hanged protesters to reveal bodies hanging from cranes. In the months since protests against the government began, it seems that frightened people have disappeared from the streets. Iranian authorities hanged protesters to reveal bodies suspended from cranes. In the months since protests against the government began, it seems that frightened […]