400 forest fires in Canada this year… Gray skies for New York, USA

The Statue of Liberty in New York, USA, is covered in smoke from wildfires in Canada on the 6th (local time). / Reuters Yonhap News From the morning of the 6th (local time), the sky in New York, USA was covered with gray smoke, and the Manhattan skyscraper skyline disappeared from view in the afternoon. […]

Young Jang Shin ♥ Child Kang Kyung-jun, 17-year-old storm growth ‘flower beauty’ → popular star at school [슈돌]

Reporter Yoon Seong-yeol | 2023.05.29 15:44 /Photo courtesy = KBS 2TV In ‘The Return of Superman’, actors Jang Shin-young and Kang Kyung-jun’s 17-year-old son Jung An reveal their shy fancy towards actor Noh Yoon-seo. According to KBS 2TV’s entertainment program ‘The Return of Superman’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Shodol’) on the 29th, episode 481, which […]

Today’s weather, the Meteorological Department warns 43 provinces of heavy rain in the Northeast and South, Bangkok will not survive.

today’s weather forecast Meteorological Department warns 43 provinces hit by heavy rain, northeast-south, heavy, Bangkok not survive, reveals 27-30 May, Thailand has more rain with heavy rain to very heavy in some areas Today (May 26), the Meteorological Department is forecasting the weather for the next 24 hours. A moderate southwest monsoon dominates the Andaman […]

Summer storm warning, Vol. 3, be careful of hail, thunder, avoid being outdoors : PPTVHD36

Meteorological Department Publication on Summer Storms in Upper Thailand, Volume 3: Beware of Hail and Thunder Prepare to protect agricultural products. The Meteorological Department said that there will be summer storms during 8-10 May 2023, in upper Thailand. with the appearance of windy thunderstorms and some hail Including there may be lightning in some areas. […]