“Rocket Battery X Barcelona” Wins High Flight Experience in Spain

Mr. HS Yoon (Division Operating Director) of Sebang Global Battery, ROCKET battery manufacturer in Korea. It has a history of more than half a century since its establishment in 1952. Most recently, it joined forces with Borneo Technical (Thailand) Co, Ltd to launch the “ROCKET BATTERY X BARCELONA” project (ROCKET BATTERY X BARCELONA). Box design […]

The color of urine can tell if you have kidney disease or not

local Written by: Xu YunPhotography: Hong Zhifu Kidneys are the body’s water purification system It’s not easy to get symptoms of early kidney disease, and it can be hidden for a long time without anyone noticing it. Because of the kidneys’ filtering ability, it will gradually decline after the age of 40 . Knowing the […]

fine order of 5.1 million! ‘SEC’ civil sanctions PPPM executives for spreading misleading messages

SEC civil sanctions PPPM executives ordered a total fine of 5.1 million baht-Don’t be a director-service company. In case spreading a message causes misunderstanding ……………………………….. On March 17, the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosed the prosecution with civil sanctions against 5 offenders, namely (1) PP Prime Public Company Limited. ) (PPPM) […]

“Buikin Puttipong” prepares to live abroad Resolve feelings towards “PP”

“Buikin Puttipong Assarattanakul“Another talented artist and actor who continues to follow his own dreams. All the best for that “Bukin” It was accepted that showed the potential of this young man. Award from Kom Chad Luek Ord platform It is one of them that is unanimously called in terms of popularity. and quality (excellent) must […]

“Prem Busarab Worawong” sits on the ONE Thailand podium, effective immediately.

Chatri Sityodtong, Chairman, Founder and CEO of ONE, has announced the appointment of Prem Busarabworawong as Managing Director (MD) of ONE Championship Thailand, immediately the highest position in the country. Big Boss “Chatree” posted a message through personal Facebook. Announcing the business plan for the new year 2023 along with news of the latest executive […]

Open your eyes to the future of the gaming industry with Level Infinite executives

game manager team Had the opportunity to interview Mr. Oliver Yeh, Executive of Level Infinite, about the launch of new games at the Thailand Game Show 2022, the direction of the company’s operations and goals. including the future of the game industry How did Level Infinite become part of the Thailand Game Show?Mr. Oliver: As […]