8-Hour Epic Drama ‘Quiet Don’ Takes the Stage at the Capital Theater in Beijing

8 Hour Epic Drama “Quiet Don” Staged at Capital Theater 8 Hour Epic Drama “Quiet Don” Staged at Capital Theater By Wang Run, Beijing Evening News reporter St. Petersburg’s Masterskaya Theater brings their acclaimed 8-hour epic drama “Quiet Don” to the Capital Theater from November 10 to 12. Lead the audience to experience the magnificent […]

Martín Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio an inspiring duo

Reuniting for the sixth time with Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio returns to the Oscar trail with the true and little-known story of The Moon Killers: The mysterious disappearance of different members of a tribe in the 1920s, which also became the first historical FBI investigation. And in a time where the dark violence of war […]

Tony Leung Wins Best Actor Award at the 36th China Golden Rooster Awards

The 36th China Golden Rooster Awards: Tony Leung Wins Best Actor China News Service, Xiamen – On November 4, the 36th China Film Golden Rooster Awards took place in Xiamen, Fujian. Esteemed Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai and accomplished Chinese opera performer and screen actor He Saifei emerged as winners of the Best Actor […]

Matías Novoa maintains his relaxed style

Matías Novoa misses his time as a model and maintains his taste for comfortable and functional clothing. Credit: Courtesy of Germán Nájera + Iván Flores @weshootmuch A relaxed look and a healthy life are the secrets of Matías Novoa. Credit: Courtesy of Germán Nájera + Iván Flores @weshootmuch Jeans, a cotton T-shirt, a jacket and […]

The Rise of Chen Lijun: How a Young Yue Opera Actress is Reviving Traditional Theater

Yue Opera Actress Chen Lijun’s Online Presence Captivates Young Audiences, Reviving Traditional Opera By Wang Yang In a surprising turn of events, Chen Lijun, a post-90s Yue opera actress who recently gained fame for her role in the environmental opera “New Dragon Inn,” has become an internet sensation. Her portrayal of the supporting character, “Jade […]

Park Yoo-chun Releases Apology and Addresses Ongoing Legal Situation

Singer and Actor Park Yoochun Addresses Recent Controversy An Apology and a Promise In a recent statement, singer and actor Park Yoochun from the group JYJ shared his current situation and extended an apology to his fans. Through a handwritten letter released by his younger brother, actor Park Yoo-hwan, Park Yoochun expressed sincere remorse for […]

Comedian Kim Mi-ryeo Expresses Frustration Over Husband’s Hygiene Habits

Comedian Kim Mi-ryeo Expresses Concerns over Husband’s Hygiene on ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ Published on October 31, 2023, 20:56 by Money Today Reporter Chae Tae-byeong Caption: Kim Mi-ryeo and Seong-yoon Jeong seek advice from Dr. Oh Eun-young on Channel A’s entertainment show. Entertainer Kim Mi-ryeo recently made some candid remarks about the hygiene habits […]

Matthew Perry’s family, heartbroken by the actor’s death

Adele has payed a tribute to Matthew Perry, the eternal Chandler from “Friends”, who passed away last night at age 54. 🕊️ – “He was so open with his struggles. With addiction and sobriety. Which i think is incredibly, incredibly brave (…) just wanna say how much i love what he. — Adele Daily […]

Cross-section of the Life of Matthew Perry († 54) from Friends!

The world of show business was shaken by the death of Suzanne Somers († 76) aka Carol from Krok za kró, another sudden death. The fans of sitcoms are also recently mourning the famous actor Matthew Perry († 54), whom the whole world will forever remember as the teasing and eternally funny Chandler from Friends. […]

Actor Jo In-seong Responds Playfully to Fans’ Complaints About His Beard

Actor Jo In-seong Responds Playfully to Fans’ Complaints About His Beard Money Today Reporter Cha Yu-chae | 2023.10.27 22:23 Renowned actor Jo In-seong recently took to Instagram to address fans who expressed dissatisfaction with his new beard. On the 24th, Jo In-seong shared a photo on his Instagram along with a message expressing gratitude for […]