“Bleak Faith” was blasted for plagiarism, the operating team of “Eirden Circle” clarified that it bought from Epic Marketplace and promised to replace “Bleak Faith: Forsaken”

The open world survival action game “Bleak Faith: Forsaken” produced by the independent game development team Archangel Studios has been accused of plagiarizing the actions of the animation “Eirden Ring” From Software. The development team responded by using materials purchased from the Epic Marketplace and promised to replace the action animation. “Dark Faith: The Lonely […]

“Alice in the Country of Spades ~Wonderful White World~” released the Chinese version of the promotional video, opening animation and theme song “スペードの国のアリス~Wonderful White World~”

Game Source Entertainment (GSE) is cooperating with Idea Factory’s otome game brand “Otomate”, and the otome love adventure game “Alice of Spades ~Wonderful White World~” is to be launched on March 30. A traditional Chinese version of Nintendo Switch Asia , today is the first to release the promotional video and the opening animation of […]