“IMF’s advice to help the poor, the government does not follow”

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“Let’s not be afraid of being criticized by people” Comedian Lee Kyung-sil’s advice to younger children who are losing their individuality

Send SNS articles Submit an article to Facebook Send an article to Twitter Submit an article to Kakao Story Submit articles to KakaoTalk Copy URL Send article to Find another share Gyeongsil Lee, Jaesuk Yoo. ⓒYouTube ‘Hogeol sister_Lee Gyeong-sil’/Channel E/News 1 Comedian Lee Gyeong-sil gave valuable advice to his youth that would make them flesh […]

The parliament postponed the “local lockdown” decision until 7 December.

The parliament postponed the decision “Local Unlocking” to 7 December “Thanathorn” closing the debate, ridiculing the senators who disagree because they are against the source of power or not. Ready to thank you for every word of support. He said it would be an encouragement to keep working. Today (November 30) in parliament, at the […]

All over Thailand and Commart! Advice appeals to online-offline customers Send a great promotion at the end of the year “Squeeze Game Shop-Rich-Hundred-Million*

Advice creates colors to stimulate the economy after the lockdown is relieved Thank you customers for leaving before the end of 2021 with a great promotion “Advice Squeeze Game” Shop-Rich-Hundred-Million*, giving out heavily to please shoppers across the country. Both online shopping – storefront – at Commart 25 – 28 Nov ’64 Mr. Chakkrit Watcharasaksilp […]

Hwacheon Daeyu CEO “Kwon Soon-il and Park Young-soo were recruited as a close friend of the major shareholder… It has nothing to do with Lee Jae-myung”

[인터뷰-2] Why are you hiring high-ranking officials in the legal profession?Provision of reasonable wages according to practical advice“There are more advisors besides the ones mentioned”“If you want to lobby illegally, would you give me an official seat?”Major shareholder, I have no personal acquaintance with this branch “Please fact-check… It’s frustrating that I can’t show you […]