China International Industrial Expo: Showcasing Innovation and Fostering Global Cooperation

The 23rd China International Industrial Expo concluded on September 23 after a five-day run. This year’s expo featured 9 professional exhibition areas, with more than 2,800 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions showcasing their products. The exhibition covered an area of 300,000 square meters and presented nearly a thousand new technologies and exhibits for the […]

EDGC’s AI-Powered Multi-Omics Platform Revolutionizes Cancer Diagnosis Accuracy

Breakthrough Cancer Diagnosis Technology Developed by EDGC Using AI EDGC (Eone Diagnomics) has announced groundbreaking research results that have significantly improved the accuracy of cancer diagnosis. This achievement was made possible through the use of their multi-omics genome analysis platform based on AI technology. The development of AI has paved the way for the possibility […]

Shortwave: The AI-Powered Email Client that Revolutionizes Email Management

Former Google developer launches AI-based email client, Shortwave In the rapidly growing field of large-scale language models (LLM), more and more developers are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology. TechCrunch recently reported that a former Google developer has made waves by introducing Shortwave, an AI-driven email client. One of the standout features of Shortwave is its […]

OpenAI Introduces ‘Dali 3’ to Enhance Image Creation Capabilities in ChatGPT

OpenAI has revealed its latest advancement in image creation technology, ‘Dali 3’, which will be integrated into its ChatGPT platform. This new version of the AI, known as ‘DALL-E’, allows users to generate images based on their prompts. OpenAI announced the launch of Dali 3 on their official blog and disclosed that it will be […]

GitHub Introduces AI Coding Chatbot, CoPilot Chat, to More Users

GitHub, a subsidiary of Microsoft (MS), has expanded the availability of its artificial intelligence (AI) coding chatbot, called Copilot Chat, to a wider user base. As reported by IT media outlet The Verge on the 20th, Microsoft first introduced Copilot Chat as a public beta version for developers in July last year. This tool enables […]

Revolutionary Nanotechnology and AI Method for Early Alzheimer’s Detection through Blood Test

Physicists at the Australian National University (ANU) have developed a groundbreaking method using nanotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze proteins in the blood. This innovative approach can detect biomarkers that indicate early signs of neurodegeneration or the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. By conducting a simple, inexpensive, and non-invasive blood test, researchers can predict an […]

The Debate Over Copyright Protection for Works Created by Artificial Intelligence

The Copyright Dilemma: Human-Created Works vs. Artificial Intelligence Artists, writers, musicians, and creators of various forms of art have long enjoyed the protection of copyright law for their works. However, as technology advances, questions arise regarding the copyrightability of works generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The laws and court rulings around the world differ on […]