Apple ad for the 2022 holiday season “Holiday | Share the Joy”

▼ iPhone 14/14 Pro can be reserved from the official online store! On November 17, Apple released an advertisement for the 2022 holiday season “Holiday | Share the Joy | AirPods Pro” on its official YouTube channel. This advertisement can be viewed from this link. Apple is releasing ads for the 2022 holiday season It […]

Audio drift/sync bug in some models of ‘AirPods Pro’ 2nd generation

Foreign media such as Nine to Five Mac reported on the 13th (local time) that some models of Apple’s second generation AirPods Pro reported ▲ audio drift and syncing bugs. According to reports, some users of the second generation AirPods Pro are complaining about the audio drift bug through online communities like Reddit. Sound drift […]

Apple announces the sale of “Apple iphone 13” Pro and Professional Max versions, test the selling price of the latest Apple iphone 13, how a lot of are still left?

after Apple 2022 party “Far out.” canApple iphone 14 start a Iphone 14 Professional Gone on September 7, 65 at the most current. An apple Announcement to prevent advertising quite a few Iphone versions, incl Iphone 13 Professional, Iphone 13 Professional Max, Apple iphone 12 mini and Iphone 11 The price tag of the Iphone […]

Apple releases firmware for AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max

According to MacRumors on June 8 (local time), Apple released beta firmware version 5.0 for AirPods 2nd generation, AirPods 3rd generation, AirPods Pro 3rd generation, and AirPods Max. This beta firmware improved the automatic switching function and fixed various bugs and stability issues. Apple said this beta firmware version improves AirPods-related features on iOS and […]