Master Akira Watanabe vs. Yoshiharu Hanyu 9th Under One match of interest for advancing to top 4 Battle type is “Aikari” / Shogi / Kisei Final T | News | ABEMA TIMES

The Hulic Shogi Cup Kisei Battle/Final Tournament was held on April 1, and Akira Watanabe (38) and Yoshiharu Hanyu 9th Dan (52) are currently playing against each other. The winner is one game where the top 4 are decided. The type of battle that attracted attention was “Aigari”. [Relay]Watanabe Meijin VS Hanyu 9-dan match In […]

Souta Fujii Dragon King, goes to the draft meeting with “pole-and-line fishing”! ? “I’m confident I won’t be a lottery,” said Nikkori / Shogi / ABEMA Tournament | News | ABEMA TIMES

[Fideo]Sota Ryuo Fujii talks about his team concept with a smile » Even in the draft nomination, you can see an unexpected “movement of God”! ? The draft meeting of the “2023 ABEMA Tournament”, a fast-moving group competition in the shogi world, will be broadcast on April 1st. Sota Ryuo Fujii (20), who is participating […]

‘ Thiruvanjoor won that day in a wave of sympathy; Mum waits 10 years for dad’

For fifty years In the movie. Before that, Art started as a playwright. Vijayaraghavan is a person who understands life in relation to society, speaks clearly about politics and can be adorned with many adjectives. NN is the Son of a father named Pillai. Vijayaraghavan has not even thought about what would have become had […]

Malayalam Cinema Talents Tent; Shine Tom Great Actor -Nani

# Ganda Naveen Babu (Nani)/ Siraj Kasim ( 19 March 2023, 07:53 AM IST While standing under the coal lorry, a pile of coal fell on top of him; We have to expect many emergencies while shooting Nanny | photo: facebook/nanny mIt was after watching Niratnam films that a boy named Ganda Naveen Babu dreamed […]

Exclusive / Lai Yayan has been a mother for 19 years! 3 close relatives died one after the other, fell into a low tide, returned to single promotion, low key for the king’s wife | Movie | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Huang Min / Interview ▲ Lai Yayan received an exclusive interview with “Sanli News Network”. (Photo/photo by reporter Yang Shu) Please read on…. Actress Lai Yayan returned to the big screen with the recently released movie “Broken Internet” after a three-year absence. She and Aaron Kwok played husband and wife They have a daughter […]