“Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht” would move into the Bundestag

With her new alliance, Sahra Wagenknecht is already achieving high approval ratings in a new survey. That would have consequences for possible coalitions. It is currently only a club, but the “Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht” (BSW) is apparently intended to lay the foundation for a political party: On Monday, Sahra Wagenknecht presented the goals of her […]

SPD falls deeply in survey – approval for AfD and CDU remains

In a recent survey, the SPD has fallen to its lowest approval rating since last summer. However, approval remains constant for the CDU and AfD. In a survey by the opinion research institute Insa for “Bild am Sonntag”, the SPD has slipped to its lowest level since the summer of 2021. In the so-called “Sunday […]

AfD remains clearly in second place, SPD is losing ground again

The AfD’s soaring continues. Nationwide, the party remains clearly in second place and, according to a new survey, attracts particularly pessimistic people. According to a latest survey, the AfD remains the second strongest party nationwide and continues to keep its competitors at bay. If there were a federal election next Sunday, the right-wing populists would […]

A punishment for self-forgotten mainstream parties

Ban or build firewalls? The best way to counter the AfD is with the self-confidence of a tried-and-tested democracy. There are different ways to fight the AfD. You can take legal action against them, you can leave them to the protection of the constitution, you can deal with them rhetorically or with the self-confidence of […]

So many Germans would vote AfD in the federal election

The AfD’s approval ratings are higher than ever. A new survey shows how large the party’s potential voters could be in the next federal election. Around one in four eligible voters in Germany can currently imagine voting for the AfD in the next federal election. This is shown by a representative survey by the opinion […]

Managing Voter Turnout: A Critical Step Before the Presidential Election

Title: Concerns Mount over Putin’s Handling of the Prigozhin Coup Heading: Cracked System and Low Turnout Threaten Upcoming Presidential Election As doubts linger regarding the recent coup orchestrated by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian mercenary company Wagner Group, questions arise as to why President Vladimir Putin, known for his ruthless elimination of opponents, […]

“Some people have a hard time getting them back”

Has your policy led to high approval ratings for the AfD? Among other things, former Chancellor Merkel commented on this in an interview at the Leipzig Book Fair. Former Chancellor Angela Merkel refuses to share responsibility for the AfD’s high approval ratings, especially in East Germany. “I had to deal with political situations that led […]