Dementia, astrocytes and prediabetes are also affected[클릭, 글로벌 제약·바이오]

[이데일리 유진희 기자] A collection of global pharmaceutical and bioindustry issues for a week (May 29-June 4). This week, news about dementia caught the attention of the industry. (Photo = Getty Images) Medical Express said that a research team led by Professor Trike Paskoal, a neuropsychiatrist at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, found […]

“Brain astrocytes are the key to the development of Alzheimer’s disease”

University of Pittsburgh Professor Pascoal’s research team Astrocytes are star-shaped support cells that help nerve cells in the brain, make energy necessary for the brain, regulate iron and hydrogen ion concentrations, and are involved in the formation of synapses, which are signal transmission pathways in nerve cells . In a word, it can be said […]