Caution Advised for Volatile Dollar/Yen Pair in Foreign Exchange Market Next Week

Turbulent Times Ahead for Dollar/Yen Pair in Foreign Exchange Market By Financial Markets Correspondent As investors gear up for the week ahead, caution is being advised due to the anticipated rapid fluctuations in the dollar/yen pair in the foreign exchange market. The upcoming week is expected to be marked by a series of major events, […]

NTT Docomo Resolves Mobile Phone Voice Call Outage in Eastern Japan

NTT Docomo Resolves Mobile Phone Voice Call Outage in Eastern Japan TOKYO (Reuters) – NTT Docomo announced on the 8th that the mobile phone voice call outage that occurred in 20 precincts, mostly in eastern Japan, has been resolved. The incident, which occurred between approximately 11:34 am and 12:16 pm, was caused by a fault […]

Stock Market Plunge: Nikkei Average Falls at 32,305.33 Yen

Stock Markets in Tokyo Stock Markets in Tokyo On December 8, the Nikkei Stock Average fell to 32,305.33 yen on the Tokyo stock market, marking a decrease of 552.98 yen from the previous business day. This downward trend continued amidst concerns about a potential review of monetary policy by the Bank of Japan and apprehension […]

China’s Domestic Passenger Car Sales Surge 25.5% in November

China’s Passenger Car Sales Surge in November The China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has reported a significant surge in domestic passenger car sales for the month of November, marking the fourth consecutive month of growth. According to CPCA, sales increased by 25.5% year-on-year, reaching a total of 2.1 million units. This notable increase comes on […]

Nervous Developments Expected in Tokyo Stock Market

Tokyo Stock Market Nervous Ahead of Expected Developments December 8th: Tokyo Stock Market Anticipates Nervous Developments The Tokyo stock market is bracing for nervous developments next week amidst rising expectations for early policy reforms from the Bank of Japan. This anticipation has led to the possibility of wild price movements in foreign exchanges and stock […]

China reduces visa costs for more than a dozen countries, including Japan

China Reduces Visa Costs for Inbound Tourists On the 8th, China announced a 25% reduction in the cost of obtaining a visa for visiting China for more than a dozen countries, including Japan. The measure will be in effect from the 11th until the end of next year. The move aims to increase inbound tourists […]

Chaos in the Tokyo Market: Bonds Fall, Yen Rises, Stocks Plunge

The Tokyo market was in turmoil on December 8th, with bonds falling (interest rates rising), the Yen rising, and stocks falling. The picture shows a person looking at a stock price table. Photograph taken in June 2013 in Tokyo (2023 Reuters/Issei Kato) The market was rough on the 8th, with bonds dropping as interest rates […]

Continued Decline in Nikkei Stock Average Reflecting Tokyo Market Trends

Nikkei Stock Average Plunges Over 550 Yen in Tokyo Market On December 8th, the Nikkei Stock Average on the Tokyo stock market continued to decline, falling 550.45 yen from the previous business day to 32,307.86 yen. The photo was taken last December in Tokyo (2023 Reuters / Issei Kato) Sharp Decline in Market as Nikkei […]