Al-Bilad Newspaper | Two Bahrainis rent an apartment to traffic drugs

Al Bilad – Shaima Abdel Karim – artist Nawaf Al Mulla: Al Bilad – Shaima Abdel Karim – artist Nawaf Al Mulla The Narcotics Control Department ambushed two Bahrainis who possessed, possessed, and sold narcotic substances in conditions other than those legally authorized, for the purpose of abuse and trafficking. The incident indicates the receipt […]

Al-Bilad Newspaper | A reckless driver assaults a policeman with an axe

Al Bilad – Shaima Abdel Karim – artist Nawaf Al Mulla: Al Bilad – Shaima Abdel Karim – artist Nawaf Al Mulla A man caused a traffic accident while driving his car, and when he was stopped by a security patrol, he attacked one of them with a white weapon that he was in possession […]

Al-Bilad Newspaper | Rhythm with money thief and gold jewelry

+A A- Manama – Public Prosecution: Tuesday 05 September 2023 +A A- Manama – Public Prosecution The Acting Chief Prosecutor of the Northern Governorate stated that the Public Prosecution office had received a notification from the General Department of Investigation and Criminal Evidence stating that, following the theft of cash and gold jewelry valued at […]

Al-Bilad Newspaper | Contestant No. 115 in “Qadha” Ali Khalaf: I faced a boxing challenge with Sajjad.. “And your eyes only see the light.”

Al-Bilad – Ibrahim Al-Niham “Photograph: Rasoul Al-Hujairi” Sunday 03 September 2023 Al-Bilad – Ibrahim Al-Niham “Photograph: Rasoul Al-Hujairi” – We can change the traditional lifestyle by looking at opportunities, not obstacles Contestant No. 115 in the “Qadha” program, Ali Khalaf, said, “His participation in the program taught him that every person is ‘appreciated’, whether man […]

Al-Bilad Newspaper | The very luxurious Mercedes-Maybach Night Series 2024

The three Mercedes-Maybach models (EQS, GLS and S-Class) are available with new Night Series packages. The Maybach Night Series cars benefit from dark chrome exterior trim. In the Mercedes-Maybach EQS680 SUV, dark chrome is integrated into the headlights, features prominently in the lower air intakes, and is used for the Maybach logo on the black […]