NENO BELAN SURPRISED EVERYONE: ‘Unfortunately, my happiness with a Slovenian woman did not last’ (PHOTO)

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/04/neno_belan.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/04/neno_belan.jpg”,”caption”:”Neno Belan (Foto:”,”bg”:”2c2722″] A singer Don’t be beautiful joked about his love life on social media. He was in London for a few days, where he attended Elton John’s concert as part of his farewell tour. Belan often took photos on his travels, so he posted a photo on Facebook from the Camden district, […]

Piercing look Lisa BLACKPINK Latest, beautiful, expensive footwork

Going out to work a lot For a talented young artist. Lisa BLACKPINK (Lisa Lalisa Manoban) After being appointed as the Global Brand Ambassador of the luxury brand CELINE, fans have often seen pictures of Lisa attending events. latest Lisa BLACKPINK Appears at the opening of the CELINE Pop-Up Shop in Korea. This work makes […]

‘BNP does not serve humanity even if it speaks well’

Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League General Secretary former Mayor AJM Nashir Uddin said, BNP leaders talk about human services but in reality they are not close to the people. They are not to be found in any kind of human service. They will have a movement program in this holy month of Ramadan as well. But […]

From 3 million to 2.6 thousand baht! Sonic Vision brings “ELAC” to the Thai gaming speaker market Hoping to subvert the sound bar to become a mid-high champion

“Sonic Vision” launches a new product, expanding the gaming speaker portfolio – computer audio in Thailand, joining 3 partners to distribute “ELAC Debut ConneX”, a high-end speaker, the smallest brother, launched at a far price of the older one The price is set at 3 million baht, confident that it will respond well according to […]