The Influence of Time Pressure in Zombie Games: Implications for Disaster Scenarios

The Intriguing Science of Zombie Games: What It Reveals About Human Behavior Zombie-themed computer games have become increasingly popular in recent years. One particular escape game has piqued the interest of scientists, shedding light on human behavior and decision-making under pressure. The game involves participants navigating through a large house, equipped with an electronic light […]

Disturbing Behaviors of Killer Whales: From Whaling to Shark Sacrifice

Unprecedented Behavior of Orcas Raises Concerns The world’s largest animal, the blue whale, has recently been targeted by orcas, also known as killer whales, in a series of disturbing and grisly attacks. These marine predators have been observed suffocating blue whales, consuming their blood, and even hollowing out sharks’ livers. Such behavior, reminiscent of human […]

A strange act of affection between husband and mother-in-law… wife, can you divorce me

Reporter Maara from Today’s Money | 2023.06.02 14:49 /Photo = TV ‘Couple Scandal’ Highlight It depicts a woman who sees the strange affection between her husband and her mother-in-law. In the 4th episode of Highlight TV’s original drama ‘Couple Scandal’, which will be broadcast on the 3rd, ‘Their World’ will be broadcast, depicting the wife’s […]

Until Dawn / Dark Pictures Developer, Devade makes one game

▲ During the Dead by Daylight 7th anniversary broadcast, news of a new collaboration with Super Massive Games was announced (photo source: 7th anniversary broadcast video capture) Supermassive Games presents Dead by Daylight, a single story driven game. This game company has continued its unparalleled movement in this field by introducing a number of single […]

Telenor reveals the results of the study. ‘Mobile phone with work’

Telenor Asia Study “Decoding Digital Lives” on Mobile Phones and Work A survey of respondent behavior across Asia Mobile phones are used to adapt to changing lives. of a new work culture According to reports following the outbreak of COVID-19, people in Asia are turning to mobile phones to improve their working lives. Better efficiency […]