Daniel Lindemann Shares His Joyful Marriage Experience

German Broadcaster Daniel Lindemann Ties the Knot On the morning of the 10th, Daniel Lindemann took to social media to express his gratitude for all the well-wishes following his recent nuptials. Posting a video of himself entering the wedding venue, Lindemann kept it brief, saying, “Thank you very much!” Following the joyous occasion, Lindemann shared […]

Hive Chairman Bang Si-hyuk Celebrates Uhm Jung-hwa’s Solo Concert After 24 Years

Hive Chairman Praises Uhm Jung-hwa’s Solo Concert Uhm Jung-hwa recently held her first solo concert in 24 years, and received praise from Hive Chairman Bang Si-hyuk. In a post on his social media accounts, Bang Si-hyuk expressed his admiration and congratulations for the singer. Accompanying his message were two photos, one showing Bang Si-hyuk visiting […]

Han Ji-min’s Behind-the-Scenes Singing Practice for Fan Meeting Released

Rewrite text [TV리포트 = 하수나 기자] A behind-the-scenes video of Han Ji-min focusing on singing practice for a fan meeting has been released. On the 19th, a video titled ‘How many times did Jimin cry until the fan meeting? ㅣ2023 Han Ji-min ‘A Mean-ingful Day’ fan meeting on BH Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. The video […]

Ahn Jung-hwan Surprised by Myung Se-bin’s Appearance on ‘Thank God, Not Fight’

Ahn Jung-hwan expressed astonishment at the appearance of Myung Se-bin on MBC’s show “Thank God, Not Fight” where the actress embarked on a daring trip to a deserted island. The episode aired on Monday, the 23rd. During the episode, renowned chef Lee Yeon-bok took on the challenge of “My Hands-On Job” with the company of […]

Ive Group’s Ahn Yu-jin Mesmerizes with Perfect Images

Ive Group’s Ahn Yu-jin Impresses Fans with Stunning Photos Ive Group member Ahn Yu-jin has recently captivated fans with her flawless images. Taking to her personal social media account on the 21st, Ahn Yu-jin shared a series of photos, accompanied by charming emoticons and the caption “it can be like this or that.” In these […]

Jang Hang-jun Addresses Rumors of Separation from Kim Eun-hee on ‘Radio Star’

Title: Jang Hang-jun Clarifies Rumors Surrounding His Relationship with Kim Eun-hee Introduction In a recent appearance on MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star,” Jang Hang-jun addressed the speculations surrounding his alleged separation from writer Kim Eun-hee. The show, titled “Friends Biting Their Tails,” featured Jang alongside Song Eun-i, Jang Hyun-seong, and Kim Poong. Setting the Record […]