The big S who suffered a miscarriage shortly before the marriage broke up confirmed that “the baby is still in the womb”… 7 days later, it will start working | Entertainment | QUANTITY

It was revealed that actress Big S had just suffered a miscarriage before her wedding to Wang Xiaofei. (Photo/Flipping Weibo, Big SIG) Actress Big S (Xu Xiyuan) and Wang Xiaofei issued a statement announcing their divorce in November 2021, but the following year it was reported that Wang Xiaofei had failed to fulfill the divorce […]

Ge Siqi posted a high-definition photo of Wang Xiaofei S’s mother in the same frame, revealing that the amount of live broadcast income hit a low entertainment new program-China Times News

A few days ago, paparazzi Ge Siqi (right) posted a photo of Wang Xiaofei (left) and S’s mother in the same frame to prove that he took S’s mother’s photo. (Photo / China Times File Photo) Actress Big S once married mainland businessman Wang Xiaofei. Their marriage breaks down after only ten years. After the […]

Zhang Lan acknowledges Wang Xiaofei who broke up with her…Being “these 3 words” hurts and blames herself: I am not a competent mother|Entertainment| QUANTITY

After being called “Ma Baonan” by the outside world, Wang Xiaofei no longer contacted her mother Zhang Lan. (Newspaper photo/information photo) Wang Xiaofei and Big S exchanged fire with each other over the alimony issue, and even his mother Zhang Lan joined the fight, which made him called “Mabao Boy” by the outside world. Zhang […]

Zhang Lan broke the news about the high electricity bills of Big S’s home, S’s mother responded that the child is home for the summer vacation | Zhang Lan | Big S | Children_Sina

Wang Xiaofei and Big S’s mother Sina Entertainment News Recently, the S[微博]Wang Xiaofei[微博]The turmoil between the two continued, and Zhang Lan broke the news about the Da S family’s high electricity bills, saying that the electricity bills in his home included the electricity bills of many families. On the evening of the 2nd, S’s mother […]