Bitcoin exceeded $ 28,000, reaching 1,000,000 baht, making new highs 9

Bitcoin rose past $28,000 to touch 1,000,000 baht, hitting a 9-month high today. As investors flock to cryptocurrencies as alternative assets Amid concerns about the banking crisis As of 11:47 pm local time, bitcoin jumped 1.78% to $28,376.15 in trading on Coinbase. Bitcoin was also boosted by expectations that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) would […]

“Token X” creates value for the digital economy – a flying taxi with intelligent technology I TNN Startup I 19-03-66

“Token X” Values ​​the Digital Economy – “Flying Taxi” Smart Technology I TNN Startup I 19-03-66 #TechStartup #TNNSstartup #Startup – “Token X” Values ​​Crowdfunding for the Future of the Digital Economy – Startup Insight Unlock all restrictions Start-up – catch the trend of “ticket” startups to expand business worldwide – intelligent technology “flying taxis” Follow […]

HSBC buys SVB, UK branch, £1 or about 42 baht : PPTVHD36

HSBC is acquiring the UK arm of SVB for £1 (41.75 baht) to protect customer deposits. especially for technology group customers HSBC Bank (HSBC) announced today (March 13) that its British bank, HSBC Bank UK, has Acquires the branch of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), UK, for a price of 1 pound (exchange rate on March […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today Crypto Coin News March 6, 2023 Latest

Bitcoin News thirty eight days ago News reported that the number of bitcoin (BTC) which migrated to the network an avalanche On Thursday, a significant amount of Bitcoin migrated to Avalanche (AVAX) in the form of Avalanche Bridged Bitcoin, also known as BTCb $44.7 million has been linked to the AVAX chain since our report […]

Silvergate Risks Failure, Brings Crypto Market Down, Bitcoin Drops $22,000

The current news about the risk of bankruptcy of “Silvergate Capital Corp”, a crypto bank linked to FTX, which has seriously affected the financial liquidity problem. Until unable to reveal the results of the accounting period of the last quarter Press to make the stock price traded in the market fall -30%, immediately shaking the […]

Analyst Warns Traders to Beware of “Bitcoin Short Squeeze” Braking Price Increases

Willy Woo, a network analyst, warned traders to be wary of Bitcoin’s short squeeze that could be squeezed into a rally in the near future. According to dailyhodl, Willy Woo posted a tweet telling his 1 million Twitter followers that BTC Fundamental Strength Indicator fundamentals are improving. This was an indicator of basic strength. (The […]

US Inflation Slows, Bitcoin Adopts Jerome Powell Hits $24,100

The price of Bitcoin rose above $24,100 this morning. After most investors in the market accepted the opinion of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell (Fed) who announced the results of the meeting that the inflation situation in the United States began to slow down. This could be a sign that the Fed […]

[블록체인핫이슈] Will the booming virtual asset market come in the spring?

At the beginning of the year, a warm wind blows in the virtual asset market. The price of virtual assets, centered on Bitcoin, shows an upward trend. [사진: 셔터스톡] [디지털투데이 강진규 기자] At the beginning of the year, a warm wind blows in the virtual asset market. The price of virtual assets, centered on Bitcoin, […]