Open the door to the world of the future with “Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2022: Road to Web3”

Supakrit Bunsart Mr The President of the Thai Digital Asset Association said Thai Digital Asset Association is one of the organizations driving Thailand into a new era of digital assets. expecting the association to be part of educating those interested in the industry. Currency (Cryptocurrency) understands Blockchain Technology (Blockchain) and also promotes entrepreneurs in Thailand […]

[특허정책] Priority examination of semiconductor technology patent applications is conducted… Average examination period of 2.5 months: Patent News

▲ Source=freepik © Patent News The Korean Intellectual Property Office accepts patent applications in the field of semiconductor technology that is researched, developed or manufactured in Korea. 11month 1of day 1Designated as an annual priority review target. In a situation where competition for technological hegemony around the world is intensifying, this measure is to strengthen […]

SKY Enhances e-KYC with AI to Meet Blockchain Mega Trends

“Sky ICT” develops e-KYC platform to respond to megatrends of blockchain, reinforcing its leader in AI-Empowered Solution, elevating Facial Authentication innovation, developing 7 key features with AI to enhance the efficiency of face scanning to verify identity. Stick to the wings, outstanding features, Interactive Face Liveness Detection group, verify your identity with animations. Accurately compare […]

“Bitkub” finds the first “Bitkub ICON” in Thailand

Bitkub organizes a pilot campaign to create a new phenomenon, finding the first “Bitkub ICON” group in Thailand, consisting of 16 people from universities across the country. Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Company Limited Organize a pilot campaign to create a new phenomenon to find “Bitkub ICONThailand’s first group of 16 students from universities across the […]