“Token X” creates value for the digital economy – a flying taxi with intelligent technology I TNN Startup I 19-03-66

“Token X” Values ​​the Digital Economy – “Flying Taxi” Smart Technology I TNN Startup I 19-03-66 #TechStartup #TNNSstartup #Startup – “Token X” Values ​​Crowdfunding for the Future of the Digital Economy – Startup Insight Unlock all restrictions Start-up – catch the trend of “ticket” startups to expand business worldwide – intelligent technology “flying taxis” Follow […]

Will ‘Pokémon’ come out as a metaverse game?

AR Game ‘Pokémon Go’ (Photo = The Pokémon Company, Niantic) ‘Pokémon’, which was explosively popular as an AR (augmented reality) game, was expected to be released as a metaverse version. Recently, the Pokémon Company International began recruiting experts in the fields of blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverse through job advertisements, reported on the 13th […]

KOSPI, 2435.58 departure, down 27.87 points (-1.13%)

KOSPI, 2435.58 departure, down 27.87 points (-1.13%) KOSDAQ, -6.62 points (-0.81%) down 809.14 departure reporter information Yeonjae Choi ch0221@ajunews.com ©’Global Economy Newspaper in 5 languages’ Ajou Economy. Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited

Preparing for the technological context after the COVID-19 era / Nakarin Tienprateep

A few years ago, our lives were very much connected to technology. The past COVID crisis has made business adjustments. and increasing access to technology in various forms to respond to situations in a timely manner Another issue that the COVID crisis caused economic problems. The IMF also predicts that by mid-2023 there is a […]

BLOCKCHAIN​​​​​​WORLD SUMMIT hopes that “Bangkok” will become the “center” of the blockchain industry

Get the latest news >> Komchadluek online “PANDO PROJECT” brings alliances from more than 10 countries to participate in the WORLD BLOCKCHAIN ​​SUMMIT, aiming for Bangkok to become the “center” of the full-scale blockchain industry. Pandolab Management Team Leading an army of more than ten countries Unveiling the world’s latest Blockchain Infrastructure as a service […]

AIS would like to be the “e-waste management center of Thailand”, starting Phase 2, where is the blockchain to track waste? – How much can it reduce greenhouse gases?

AIS (AIS) announces its goal to become Thailand’s e-waste management center, starting Phase 2, transforming the e-waste management ecosystem with blockchain technology on the platform “E-West Plus” (E-Waste + ), which will allow the thrower to track where the waste is and how much the waste thrown away will reduce greenhouse gases. Phase 3 hopes […]