PCDirect ‘Intel NUC13 Pro KITS Arena Canyon’, more powerful with the 13th generation

PCDirect (CEO Seo Dae-sik), Intel’s official distributor, releases the ‘Intel NUC13 Pro KITS Arena Canyon’ mini computer with a 13th generation Intel Core processor. This new product includes six models: NUC13ANHi3, NUC13ANKi3, NUC13ANHi5, NUC13ANKi5, NUC13ANHi7, and NUC13ANKi7. NUC13 Pro KITS Arena Canyon has Intel Core i7-1360P, Core i5-1340P, and Core i3-1315U for all models. With […]

OnePlus’ first mechanical keyboard appears – PC Watch

Keyboard 81 Pro (Winter Bonfire / Dark Grey) OnePlus announced the company’s first mechanical keyboard “Keyboard 81 Pro” on the 7th (US time). Orders are due to start around April, and the price has not been decided. A mechanical keyboard that delivers a soft feel and satisfying keystroke sound with a double gasket design. As […]

Abco launches BLD20 and BLD30 turntable speakers

ABKO Co., Ltd has announced the special news of retro turntable speaker ▲ABKO BLD20 (hereafter BLD20) ▲ABKO BLD30 retro turntable speaker (hereafter BLD30). Recently, vinyl records have been re-emerging, and more and more consumers are looking for turntables. Various age groups are looking for LPs and turntables, from listeners who enjoyed listening to LPs in […]

8bitdo SN30 Pro 2 Bluetooth Gamepad User: Dana and DPG DPG

As major console game titles are simultaneously released on PC, and games that require precise and skilled operation based on a high level of playability increase, the demand for game controllers also increases. fast Continuing from last time, we have prepared time to look at gamepads that are optimized for PCs and smartphones. 8BitDo Pro […]

Why hasn’t the world crossed over via Bluetooth once?

The technology differs from Wi-Fi in that it is “pure shortwave” and, according to Prof. Chris Harrison, is still popular with consumers. Bluetooth in the present It is a must-have item that comes with every smartphone. with familiarity And there’s more to be found in portable speakers. Due to its low power consumption and the […]

MIFA launches new lamp speaker Appease the camping line | RYT9

MIFA is a brand of high quality portable speakers that has built a global reputation as the pioneer of waterproof camping loudspeakers. MIFA has recently launched the new WildCamping Bluetooth speaker that combines the features of an outdoor speaker with a lantern. outdoor lights together Ideal for campers who love outdoor activities. The MIFA WildCamping […]