Kyungdong Navien showcases eco-friendly and high-efficiency home appliances

Kyungdong Navien, a ‘living environment home appliance company’, participated in the ‘Korea Energy Exhibition 2023’ and displayed eco-friendly and high-efficiency products for a sustainable future, attracting attention. In this exhibition, Kyungdong Navien exhibited a new eco-friendly product that will change the pattern of the global air conditioning and air conditioning market. Typical examples include condensing […]

Bloom Energy introduces low cost, highly efficient water electrolysis

Bloom Energy, a world-renowned company in the field of fuel cell and water electrolysis hydrogen production, is at the Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Exhibition Hall at the World Climate Industry EXPO (WCE) held at BEXCO, Haeundae-gu, Busan from May. 25th to the 27th. He said he was involved as a partner. Hosted by government […]

Electricity, gas and energy utility bills go up all at once

energy utility bills in May16th it went up all at once. Electricity rates were raised by 8 won per kWh, and city gas rates were also raised by 1.04 won per MJ. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Minister Lee Chang-yang) announced plans to adjust electricity and gas rates for the second quarter of […]

Korea-UK, strengthen cooperation such as exchange and cooperation in the clean E field

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced that Minister Lee Chang-yang met with Britain’s Minister of Energy Security and Carbon Neutrality, Grant Shapps, at Seoul’s Lotte Hotel on April 10. At the meeting, the two countries announced that they would strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the clean energy sector through a joint statement. the […]

LG Electronics, ‘LG UP Cleaning Festival’ held

To celebrate the month of April, LG Electronics ( is holding various events such as ‘LG Cleaning Festival’ and ‘Three Housework Liberation Home Appliance Promotion’ until the beginning of next month. The ‘LG Cleaning Festival’ provides various benefits such as cashback and membership points to customers who purchase home appliances that help with hygiene so […]

Real Estate Agency, February Publication of the National House Price Trend Survey

On March 15, the Korea Real Estate Agency (Director Tae-Rak Son) announced the results of the February 2023 nationwide house price trend survey. The monthly comprehensive house sales price nationwide was -1.15%, a decrease from the previous month (-1.49%). In the metropolitan area (-1.86% → -1.38%), Seoul (-1.25% → -0.80%), and provinces (-1.15% → -0.93%), […]

Thermal management building department, disaster safety management practice ‘leading’

The Korea Thermal Management Building Association (Chairman Yoo Jeong-beom) announced that it held the ‘2023 Energy Safety and Disaster Safety Management Practice Pledge Competition’ and ‘2023 Regular General Meeting’ on February 28 at the conference room on the 4th floor. from Shindaebang-dong Specialized Construction Center. On this day, the pledge competition was held as a […]

Hannah, expanding heating cost support for the energy disadvantaged

Korea District Heating Corporation (CEO Yong-ki Jeong) announced on the 9th that it would expand support for heating costs to the vulnerable, who are experiencing difficulties in winter due to a sudden increase in energy rates. Following the first measure on January 26, this support expansion plan expands the target of support for households not […]

Gas Corporation, Participated in Public Agencies Recruitment Fair 2023

Korea Gas Corporation (CEO Choi Yeon-hye) announced that it is participating in the ‘2023 Public Organization Recruitment Information Fair’ held at the AT Center in Yangjae-dong, Seoul for two days from February 1st to 2nd. About 137 large public organizations participated in the fair, hosted by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, providing various information […]

“Stop expanding nuclear power plants and reduce renewables”

In addition, 51 members of the Democratic Party of Korea (hereafter Democratic Party) held the Carbon Neutrality Committee and the National Assembly’s Committee on Trade, Industry, Energy, Small and Medium Enterprise Business (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Committee ) joint press. conference on January 11 to express strong concerns about the Yoon Seok-yeol administration’s […]