Covid is not a common flu, revealing clear information “infected with covids, risk of getting sick 2 diseases” in the future!

Study in the United States of America in a Large Cohort pointed out that after being infected with COVID-19 and healed Those infected were also at risk for about 20 cardiovascular problems during the next 12 months, including ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction. arrhythmia cardiac arrest cerebrovascular disease Thrombosis in the lungs […]

Unemployed girls chat to buy swab sticks with the most shocking reason

The comments of netizens expressed their opinions from different perspectives. Don’t think shortly, maybe you won’t have life to use the insurance money.. We all have reasons. Who has never been in the most difficult seat Can’t find a way out, the dog is stuck, will never know. But I understand the feeling. Poverty, starvation, […]

“Luk Nang Sitla” latest movement Netizens are watching to debut a girl group or not.

update progress via Sitala Balls Latest Movement withclose private twitterand by closing the account Sitala Wongkrachang It’s already done However, there is another issue thatNetizens are watching and has noted that the history of Luk Nang Sitla has stated that Graduated from Ehwa Women’s University And there was a search on the Ewha Womans University […]

“Buakaew” prepares to make merit, dedicating charity to Ambassador Virachai

On March 19, at the Government House, Mr. Don Pramudwinai, Minister of Foreign Affairs gave an interview before the Cabinet meeting that Ministry of Foreign Affairs Preparing to organize a merit-making ceremony to dedicate merit to Mr. Veerachai Plasai, Ambassador of Thailand to Washington on March 20, saying that it is normal to do and […]