Shinhan Investment & Securities is opening an office in Silicon Valley

Shinhan Investment & Securities opened an office in Silicon Valley, USA. This is the first among domestic securities companies. The securities company announced on the 26th that it had opened the Silicon Valley Shinhan Securities Representative Office in Palo Alto, California, the United States the day before and started full business. He plans to establish […]

A Weekly Overview of Brokerage Ratings: 393 Stocks Are Concerned by Brokers, Jangho Group’s Target Increase of 117.53% _ Oriental Fortune Net

Every AI Express, from May 8 to May 14,brokerageA total of 393 stocks were rated, and a total of 279 stocks received a buy rating.Among the 63 stocks that have announced target prices, according to the latest closing price, the stocks with the highest expected gains areJangho Group(601886.SH), Aojie Technology (688220.SH),ZTE(000063.SZ), the expected increases are […]

Guohai Securities gave Hisense Video a buy rating for 2021A & 2022Q1 financial report comments. Recently, 2 securities research reports have paid attention to the target average price increase of 26.22% _ Oriental Fortune Network

Every time an AI alert is sent,Guohai SecuritiesPosted on May 5thResearch reportsay, giveHisense Video(600060.SH, latest price: 11.25 yuan) Buy rating. The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) New display and new businesses are growing rapidly, and the globalization strategy is steadily advancing; 2) The improvement of quality and efficiency has been promoted, and the […]

Invic received a buy rating from Guohai Securities and recently received 3 securities research reports. The target average price rose by 24.81%_Oriental Fortune Network

  Guohai SecuritiesPosted on May 5thResearch reportsay, giveInvic(002837.SZ, latest price: 22.21 yuan) Buy rating.The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) the rapid growth of the revenue of the computer room and cabinet business in 2021, and the outstanding performance of overseas revenue; 2) the short-term pressure on profitability, and it is expected to gradually recover […]

YG responds that BLACKPINK is really coming back, but the detailed schedule will be revealed later_Aspects_Events_Actings

Original title: YG’s response to BLACKPINK’s comeback, but the detailed schedule will be revealed later Sohu Entertainment News On April 27, BLACKPINK’s agency YG responded to the previous rumors of BLACKPINK’s comeback, saying, “BLACKPINK’s comeback schedule has not yet been determined.” The agency also said, “A lot of people just speculated about the comeback in […]

Afternoon Commentary: The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.73% after a strong shock. Sectors such as brewing and securities companies boosted the concept of the new crown and performed actively – yqqlm

On the morning of April 14th,Shanghai IndexThe intraday fluctuated and rose, returning to above 3200 points, with an increase of more than 1%; the Shenzhen Component Index also rose,GEM refers toIt rose and fell; the transaction in two and a half days was about 500 billion yuan. As of the close at noon, the Shanghai […]

SF Holding was rated as a buy by Guohai Securities, and it has recently received 10 research reports from securities companies. The target average price rose by 28.67%_Oriental Fortune Network

  Guohai SecuritiesPosted on April 2ndResearch reportsay, giveSF Holding(002352.SZ, latest price: 49 yuan) Buy rating. The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1)SF HoldingReleased the 2021 annual report; 2) Various businesses maintained steady growth, and some new businesses of SF Express have initially completed scale accumulation; 3) In the fourth quarter, the net profit deducted from […]

2021 Performance Perspective of Leading Brokers

Original title: 2021 Performance Perspective of Top Brokers On the last day at the end of March, the 2021 annual reports of leading brokerages represented by “Three China and One China” have been fully disclosed. From the overall situation, CITIC Securities (600030.SH) is still the “leader” in performance. The annual report shows that in 2021, […]

Top ten brokerage strategies: “Policy bottom” + “market bottom” has appeared, A shares will gradually stabilize and enter the medium-term upward channel_Oriental Fortune Network

  CITIC Securities: The peak of the impact of external risks has passed, and A shares will gradually stabilize and enter a medium-term upward channel A-shares have returned to the fundamentals-driven normal from emotion-driven, and will enter a critical period of policy force; the epidemic has had a greater impact on the economy in the past […]