Nancy Faeser announces additional border controls

There are covert controls at the borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. Interior Minister Faeser announces that additional measures will now be introduced. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has announced additional measures to combat smuggling crime at the borders with the Czech Republic and Poland. “In order to stop smugglers, we are now […]

Katarina Barley is to become the SPD’s top candidate

The European elections are coming up in June 2024. The SPD has already decided on its top candidate. The Vice President of the European Parliament, Katarina Barley, is to lead the SPD as the top candidate in the 2024 European elections. The German Press Agency learned this from party circles on Monday. The 54-year-old was […]

EU pays 127 million euros in financial aid

The migration pact with Tunisia is highly controversial. Nevertheless, the EU is digging deep into its wallet for this – and it is only the first payment to the North African country. As part of the migration pact with Tunisia, the European Union is paying out 127 million euros to the country. This first financial […]

The EU Commission wants to extend approval by ten years

Bayer’s herbicide glyphosate is highly controversial. The EU Commission is now planning to extend the approval of the drug. The EU Commission has proposed approval for the weed killer glyphosate for another ten years. The Commission is thus following an assessment by the EU food authority EFSA, a Commission official said in Brussels on Wednesday. […]

NATO general puts pressure on Germany

Ukraine has been waiting for a decision from the German Chancellery for months. But like before, Olaf Scholz is taking his time this time too. People die every day in Ukraine. Because Russia wants it that way. There, in the Moscow Kremlin, sits Vladimir Putin, a violent autocrat who has ordered a war of aggression […]

Türkiye and the EU could also go their separate ways

Erdoğan accuses the European Union of breaking away from Turkey. The EU does not currently want to resume accession negotiations. Turkey could move away from the EU, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. “The European Union is trying to break away from Turkey. We will evaluate this development for our part and, if necessary, go […]

Alcohol limits when smoking weed? FDP puts pressure on

Smoking weed behind the wheel will soon no longer be legally punishable. But what is the limit for cannabis users? There is great disagreement about this. It is one of the traffic light coalition’s most controversial projects. Cannabis clearance in Germany. In view of the plans for a partial legal release of cannabis in small […]

So many Germans would vote AfD in the federal election

The AfD’s approval ratings are higher than ever. A new survey shows how large the party’s potential voters could be in the next federal election. Around one in four eligible voters in Germany can currently imagine voting for the AfD in the next federal election. This is shown by a representative survey by the opinion […]

What is behind the debate?

The traffic light coalition is arguing about cheap electricity for industry. But actually there is more to it than that. It is about the question of how much the state should interfere in the economy in the future. You can make it easy for yourself and tell this story about Robert Habeck and his 30 […]

AfD party conference sinks into chaos: “Completely undisciplined”

The AfD is riding a wave of success and allegedly wants to put forward a candidate for chancellor. But at times there is pure chaos at their party conference in Magdeburg. From 6 p.m. on Saturday, the mood at the AfD’s European election meeting is at its lowest point. Heads of state walk through the […]