Burundi Eco Kage faces an electrical challenge

According to Delphin Kaze, Managing Director of Kage (Kaze Green Energy), load shedding and the exorbitant cost of electricity are paralyzing his company’s activities. It was during a visit to his company by a delegation from the World Bank (WB). Leading the delegation was Dr Valerie Hicky, global director of environment at the WB. The […]

Burundi Eco Gitega: bad times for street traders

In urban centers, low-income households make a living from small jobs including street trading. This economic activity, until now prohibited on Burundian territory, generates significant income. The authorities discourage this practice arguing that it is to protect the formal sector. Despite the measures taken to combat activity, these budding investors brave the danger and courageously […]

Burundi Eco Record inflation

Benjamin Kuriyo, Publication Director Since 2022, the inflation rate has broken records. There is no sign that inflation will be brought under control before the end of this year. Our economy is bearing the brunt of the consequences of the global economic crisis aggravated by internal factors, in this case the deterioration of macroeconomic indicators. […]

Burundi Eco When the high cost of basic necessities affects children’s education

Residents of Kayanza province, the majority of whom are women, warn that the prices of basic necessities remain high. They ask the government to think to their tax exemption to alleviate their suffering, because they have difficulty taking care of their children. Children’s education is affected. Some drop out of school to become street children […]

Burundi Eco Regional press review: researchers discover new plant species in Tanzania

This press review takes stock of the six new plants recently discovered in Tanzania without forgetting the IMF loan agreement of 938 million dollars for Kenya. In addition, we discover how Congolese forests can generate a jackpot. Finally, Rwanda hosts the 4th African Cyber ​​Defense Forum. The new plants discovered in Tanzania are tentatively named […]

Burundi Eco A disappointed nanny

After freeing herself from the family where she worked as a nanny, Claudine Ndinkabandi ended up being impregnated by a servant. Living in the city of Bujumbura doing itinerant trading, the two ended up abandoning the city to live in Musenyi in the commune of Mpanda in the province of Bubanza where Ms. Ndinkabandi trades […]