Revisiting the interview with “Ann Chakrabongse” reveals the management direction of JKN, a ten billion organization to be sustainable.

We have seen news on key issues that society watches as JKN generals for “Ann Chakrabongse” Chief Executive Officer of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited in terms of strong and powerful management. Since announcing earnings with increased revenue, there is a sweeping profit of more than 400 million, against all business trends, returning profit […]

Know first! Reduce time Open 6 ways to make small and medium businesses pay less tax.

today Small and Medium Businesses or familiar in business names SMEs There are many pop-up in Thailand. even ruled alone in the name”a natural person” includes SMEs which are registered companies or which are “legal entity“There are quite a few. and no matter the size of the business What is the management format? which would […]