State welfare card in April 2023, how many baht do you receive in total transfer?

Check the balance of the state welfare card, the poor people’s card in April 2023. Those who have successfully verified their identity will receive a credit limit of 1,565 baht per person to be transferred to their smart card in each wallet. State Welfare Card April 2023 the Ministry of Finance will transfer funds to […]

Former Brazilian President Appointed Governor of New Bank for Loans to Five Emerging “BRICS” Countries | NHK | China

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, the BRICS development bank “New Development Bank” is invested by five emerging countries: Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa, and provides funding for infrastructure development in these five countries. On the 24th, the New Development Bank announced that former President Rousseff of Brazil was unanimously elected as the new president […]

“Thai Tiew Nok” Songkran Hot! Airbnb reveals number 1 hotel booking in “Korea”

Amanpreet Bajaj General Manager South East Asia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan Airbnb says “Airbnb” It was found that travelers looking for accommodation during the Songkran festival increased by more than 310% compared to the same period last year. “Bangkok” It is the most popular destination most sought after by foreign tourists. Followed by Pattaya, […]

Get to know Hiso Pair Palawi Bunnag, one of the top 100 female lawyer degrees.

Shining on business income “Hi-So Phrae” Palawi Bunnag, very gifted and talented lawyer 1 out of 100 female lawyer degrees Hiso Pair Palawi Bunnag is the daughter of Professor Chaiyawat. and Khun Nongluk Bunnag grew up in a family of lawyers. He holds a bachelor of law degree from Queen Mary University of London and […]

Complaint about misuse of Ganamela Samiti name : Nattu Visesham

Pathanamthitta: The name of the Ganamela Samiti was misused and the incident was organized Complaint that they were presenting. Samitiu Ganamela called Sarang Pathanamthitta registered in 1991 Another orchestra presents a concert program called Cwyn. Some former leaders of Pathanamthitta Samramung are behind this Sarang was accused in the press conference. The accused in the […]

Garbage dump catches fire : Nattu Visesham

Kundara: Haritha Kar in the old building of Anjalummood Block Panchayat A pile of plastic garbage collected by Ma Sena caught fire. The incident happened yesterday afternoon at 2.45. It is estimated that 50 tonnes of plastic was destroyed. Haritakarma Sena of the Corporation joins together to bring plastic Use within the building and inside […]

Tawau has an average temperature of 34.7 ° C during the last week, and people with a weak constitution may become angry and “hot.” Those who develop symptoms should seek medical examination as soon as possible

The average temperature in Tawau during the last week was 34.7°CWeak composition or “hot air”Those who develop symptoms should seek medical examination as soon as possible Publication date: Tuesday, March 21, 2023 Text size: ■The weather in Tawau was very hot during the last week, and many citizens felt unwell because of it. [Tawau 20th […]