Concerns Grow as Villagers Discover Lost Wild Elephant Calf in Phu Wua Wildlife Reserve

Bueng Kan Villagers Concerned about “Lost” Wild Elephant Calf Villagers from Ban Thep Meechai in Bueng Khla District, Bueng Kan Province, have stumbled upon a distressing sight inside the Phu Wua Wildlife Reserve. A baby wild elephant calf, affectionately named Phu Wua, was found wandering restlessly in the vicinity of the villagers’ rice fields, close […]

Chinese Farmer’s Attempt to Raise Calves on Apartment Veranda Ends in Complaints

The story of a Chinese farmer who attempted to raise seven calves on the veranda of a fifth-floor apartment building, but ultimately gave up due to complaints from neighbors, is generating significant interest among local internet users. Farmer’s Struggle with Calves on the Veranda According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP), a resident […]