“Nong Joy” the bride of “Keng Lai Camouflage” in a beautiful wedding dress

Entering the wedding door for another couple “Nong Joy Jirawan” Mom is also spicy and “Good camouflage” a famous net idol who held a wedding ceremony on November 22 at the Benedict Studio Nong Joy Jirawan and Keng Laipung after last year “Good camouflage” have wielded “Little Joy“Announce the good news that your girlfriend is […]

You take off your clothes, I take off your clothes

The Japanese Local Self-Defense Force demonstrated a self-made emergency stretcher in camouflage clothing. The method is very simple. First, find two long bamboo poles to hold with both hands, and ask your partner to help you take off your shirt and put it back on the bamboo pole to complete the first half; the second […]

Microsoft Enhances Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service Xbox Design Lab Enters Taiwan Market in Summer Samsung’s New TVs Can Stream Xbox Games Directly to the Cloud (178337)

The Xbox Design Lab, a customized service for Xbox controllers, plans to enter the Taiwan market this summer, and the Chinese market will be launched on September 1, but the official launch time will be January 1 next year. In an earlier announcement, in addition to emphasizing that Microsoft will promote the development of games […]