Record-breaking Global Temperatures Raise Concerns of Hottest Year on Record

Record-breaking Global Temperatures Raise Concerns of Hottest Year Ever A man in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, fights the scorching heat on June 15 (local time) as temperatures around the world this month hit record highs. There are growing concerns that this year could potentially become the hottest year ever recorded. Breaking Records: Global Average Temperature […]

Get to know CCUS carbon capture technology How to change the energy world in the future

Furthermore, the project developer has announced ambitions to have over 200 new capture plants open by 2030, capable of capturing more than 220 million CO2 annually. Only 10 projects are being developed as FID (Final Investment Decision) in June 2022. However, even at this level, the use of CCUS is significantly underestimated in the IEA’s […]

9 companies including GS Caltex and Linde are developing the CCUS blue hydrogen business

[월간수소경제 박상우 기자] Nine companies, including GS Caltex, Hanwha Solutions, Samsung C&T, Hyundai Glovis, and Linde Korea, will form an alliance to develop the CCUS (carbon capture, use and storage) business. A total of 9 companies, including GS Caltex, Hanwha Solutions, Hyundai Glovis, Samsung C&T, Korea East-West Power, Namhae Chemical, Linde Korea, GS Energy, and […]

[물이 밀려온다] The tide came, the village sank

◀ anchor ▶ Today, the World Meteorological Organization announced that the average global carbon dioxide concentration last year was 415 ppm. The concentration of greenhouse gases has also reached a new peak, leading to global warming and sea level rise. The video you see now was filmed in the northern part of Java Island, not […]

Accumulation of acid water forms “edema”! Detoxification is the elimination of acid water containing carbon dioxide | Chinese Health Network – High-quality professional real-time health news and information sharing platform

Professor Wang Weigong of the Institute of Physics, Tsinghua University has compiled a complete collection of[Mudiad Qi][Dawns y Dŵr][Alaw Qi a Gwaed]a[Corws Qi]in his journal. “The Movement of Qi” book. In[Dance of Water]dehumidification and detoxification are mentioned, and the focus is on eliminating waste from the body. For the human body to be healthy, as […]

SK E&S acquires Australian offshore CO2 storage exploration and running legal rights

[월간수소경제 이종수 기자] CO of recent huge world wide organizations2 Amidst the fierce transfer to secure storage, the carbon dioxide seize and storage (CCS) enterprise promoted by SK E&S is expected to attain a lot more momentum. SK E&S is a maritime CO in Australia2 It was declared on the 6th that he experienced been […]

The Expressway intends to accelerate the method of minimizing carbon dioxide emissions.

“expressway” It is another transportation system that persons choose to journey in the metropolis. At the moment, the selection of automobiles using the expressways on a every day foundation is increasing. The latest figures exhibit an common of 1.5 million autos a day. Surachet Laopoolsuk, Governor of the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT). it was […]

Open a list of 10 celebrities who ride on a jet with the most ‘carbon gas’

Recently, digital marketing company Yard released data on carbon dioxide emissions from the use of jets by Hollywood celebrities. by gathering information from Twitter @CelebJets which follows the flight paths of celebrities After fans of celebrities encouraged celebrities to stop using private jets for their short trips. Because jet aircraft emit large amounts of carbon […]

Top 10 Celebrities Emitting the Most Polluting Co2 Using Private Jets by 2022

In the research, it was reported that private jet ofTaylor Swift emissioncarbon dioxideUp to 8,293.54 tons out of 170 flights, taking a total of 22,923 minutes, or about 15.9 days on average. Each of her flights averaged about 80 minutes per flight. by quantity Carbon, Co2 from Taylor Swift’s use of aircraft rather than carbon […]