Get to know CCUS carbon capture technology How to change the energy world in the future

Furthermore, the project developer has announced ambitions to have over 200 new capture plants open by 2030, capable of capturing more than 220 million CO2 annually. Only 10 projects are being developed as FID (Final Investment Decision) in June 2022. However, even at this level, the use of CCUS is significantly underestimated in the IEA’s […]

Allbirds Eco Friendly Shoes Go Green

In addition, in the production process “Allbirds” It is also considered a trend to save the world, because every pair of shoes will have a greenhouse gas measurement. That was released in the production of that shoe model to see how much greenhouse gases are emitted, more or less, how? Because of the synthetic materials […]

Top 10 Celebrities Emitting the Most Polluting Co2 Using Private Jets by 2022

In the research, it was reported that private jet ofTaylor Swift emissioncarbon dioxideUp to 8,293.54 tons out of 170 flights, taking a total of 22,923 minutes, or about 15.9 days on average. Each of her flights averaged about 80 minutes per flight. by quantity Carbon, Co2 from Taylor Swift’s use of aircraft rather than carbon […]

Samsung Electronics Expands Carbon Footprint Certification for Semiconductor Products

Hello. Reporter Seo Jae-chang | Samsung Electronics has expanded the ‘carbon footprint’ certification to LED products along with memory and system semiconductors. Samsung Electronics obtained the ‘Product Carbon Footprint’ certification from the Carbon Trust for 20 next-generation memory semiconductor products, and five subsequent products of the memory semiconductor that received the ‘Product Carbon Footprint’ certification […]

[영상] 13 Little Habits to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Global warming, climate change, carbon neutrality. You’ve heard a lot about it, but don’t know what it is or how to save the planet? So I’m ready! Try it once. Your carbon footprint will be reduced! 1. Remember when you go out! How to reduce your carbon footprint Save water before going out! The supply […]