language | Gender ban dispute: equal rights or culture war?

What does gender-equitable writing look like? Now the topic also plays a role in coalition talks. A party that has not previously been known for gender bans is involved. The dispute over gendering with colons, internal Is, underscores or asterisks is now also boiling up in politics. In addition to terms such as equality and […]

parties | Wüst does not expect a new election

He is considered an aspirant for the highest political ordination, but NRW Prime Minister Wüst is not pushing the drum for early elections. The CDU politician instead wishes the SPD more success. North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) does not believe in early federal elections. Such speculation is doomed to failure because “all the […]

SPD strengthens party leadership despite mood of crisis

The SPD has to hold its party conference in the middle of the budget crisis. On day one there was strong support for the management staff. Frustration against the Chancellor and the traffic lights could still be released. It’s the invisible elephant in the room: While the budget crisis in political Berlin has dominated the […]

Scholz should ask a question of trust: CDU politician Linnemann

The demand for a vote of confidence comes from the CDU. SPD General Kühnert is against new elections. In view of the budget crisis, CDU General Secretary Carsten Linnemann has asked Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) to ask the vote of confidence. “I think it would be better for the Chancellor to ask the vote of […]

Court bans statements about sea rescuer Axel Steier

A court once again confirms that Julian Reichelt is spreading falsehoods. According to Jan Böhmermann, this time a sea rescuer took action against him. A YouTube video by the former Bild editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt runs for 5:33 minutes, then it beeps: an annoying piece of music suddenly drowns out what the YouTuber actually said on […]

AfD is by far the strongest force in East Germany

In a current survey, the AfD is clearly ahead in eastern Germany with 32 percent. The traffic light parties in particular are losing massive ground. The AfD is leading the polls in East Germany, well ahead of the other parties. This emerges from a representative survey carried out by the opinion research institute Verian for […]

Survey – This is what concerns Germans the most

Climate crisis, daycare center collapse, war against Ukraine and in the Middle East: many issues currently require decisive action. One topic is particularly pressing for Germans. There is a crisis in Germany in terms of domestic and foreign policy: there is a shortage of skilled workers in daycare centers, schools, craft businesses and the health […]

Putin probably sent 100,000 prisoners to the front

US Treasury Secretary: Without resources, USA is partly responsible for Ukraine’s defeat 3:11 a.m.: In the words of US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the US could be “responsible for Ukraine’s defeat” if the US Congress does not approve the next round of funding for the war-torn country. “I have spoken to MPs, my colleagues too. […]

Federal Vice | Prien on the Pisa debacle: “Urgent need for action

“It is a miserable result and not only must it be analyzed soberly, but it must also have consequences,” demands the Education Minister of Schleswig-Holstein in view of the Pisa results. CDU Federal Vice President and Schleswig-Holstein’s Education Minister Karin Prien sees an “urgent need for action” in view of the disastrous Pisa results. The […]

Debate on social cuts: CDU employee wing contradicts Merz

Debate on social cuts: The workers’ wing of the Union contradicts CDU leader Friedrich Merz on one of his demands. Contrary to the plans of CDU party leader Friedrich Merz, the workers’ wing of the Union has positioned itself against suspending the increase in citizens’ benefits. “The discussions about social cuts must be ended immediately,” […]