Increasing the expectation that the Chinese economy will improve until next year. In response to opening up the country for 3 years to TNN Hours of making money I 20-01-66

Subsequent factors 1. China’s economy is expected to recover until next year. in response to the opening of the country for 3 years 2. The Fed can raise interest rates longer than before As a result, demand recovers following the Chinese economy 3. ECB sends market warning signals. Move forward to raise interest rates to […]

Hong Kong stock market situation: Hang Seng closes -86.16 points | RYT9

The Hang Seng Index in the Hong Kong stock market closed lower today. It moved in line with the US stock market, which fell on Thursday (December 22) as investors worried about a recession. After the central banks of various countries proceeded to raise interest rates. to curb inflation The Hang Seng Index closed at […]

The world gold price in 2023 may reach $4,000 due to rising interest rates

Juerg Keener, managing director and chief investment officer of Swiss Asia Capital, spoke on CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” yesterday (Dec. 21). ) that the price of gold could rise to the range between $ 2,500-4,000 next year. He explained that the economy in many countries may face a “Minor recession” in the first quarter of […]

New York stock market: Dow closes 92.20 points higher after four straight losses.

The New York Dow Jones Stock Exchange closed higher on Tuesday (December 20), as the market recovered from four consecutive sessions of decline, however, as investors worried about weak consumer spending trends during the holiday season. And US government bond yields rose after the Bank of Japan (BOJ) announced an expansion of the government bond […]

Yen hits dollar, 4-month low after BOJ

Dollar depreciates against major currencies While the Yen soared more than 3%, it hit a four-month high against the dollar. After the Bank of Japan (BOJ) surprised the market by announcing an extension to the government bond yield frame today. As of 7:05 pm local time, the dollar index, which measures the greenback against a […]

London stock market: Footsie closes 94.05 points | RYT9

London stocks closed lower on Friday (December 16) and posted their biggest weekly decline in more than two months due to weak British retail sales. and showing another rate increase from the main central banks causing concern about a recession The London Stock Exchange FTSE 100 closed at 7,332.12 points, down 94.05 points, or -1.27%. […]