L-pampo: A Potential Game Changer for Enhancing Anti-Cancer Vaccines and Overcoming Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Limitations

CHA Vaccine Research Center Publishes Results on Anti-Cancer Vaccine Enhancer In a recent publication in the esteemed journal ‘Cancers’, the CHA Vaccine Research Center, a subsidiary of CHA Biotech, unveiled the promising research findings of their advanced immune promoter, ‘L-pampo’. The study suggests that ‘L-pampo’ demonstrates effectiveness as an immune enhancer for anti-cancer vaccines and […]

Actor Cho Byeong-gyu’s Agency Remains Silent Amidst School Violence Allegations

Actor Cho Byeong-gyu’s Agency Remains Silent on School Violence Allegations July 30, 2023 | Reporter Ahn Yoon-ji In light of the ongoing school violence allegations against actor Cho Byeong-gyu, his agency HB Entertainment has chosen to maintain an atmosphere of silence. An official from the agency stated to Star News on the 30th that they […]

Lee Jun-ho and Yoona’s Romance Sparks Speculations on the Set of ‘King the Land’

Singers Yoona and Lee Jun-ho Confirm Rumored Relationship Amidst Success of ‘King the Land’ Seoul, 3rd July 2023 – Singers and actors Lim Yoon-a and Lee Jun-ho were spotted striking a pose at the presentation of JTBC’s Saturday drama production, ‘King the Land’. Held at the luxurious Shindorim Hotel in Ramada, Guro-gu, they exuded charm […]

Mamamoo’s Hwasa Keeps Silent on Dating Rumors

Mamamoo’s Hwasa Remains Mum on Dating Rumors Seoul, June 28, 2023 – Hwasa, member of the popular South Korean group Mamamoo, attended the ‘Bulgari Serpenti 75th Anniversary, The Endless Story’ exhibition event held at the International Gallery in Samcheong-dong. The talented artist posed for a photo capturing her effortless elegance at the occasion. Affair Rumors […]

Is Actress Han So-hee Collaborating with Jungkook from BTS in his Solo Music Video?

Actress Han So-hee Rumored to Appear in BTS Jungkook’s Solo Music Video By Ahn Yoon-ji, Reporter | July 1, 2023, 10:46 AM There have been speculations about actress Han So-hee making an appearance in BTS member Jungkook’s upcoming solo music video. However, an official from Big Hit Music has stated that it is challenging to […]

Hwasa of Mamamoo Rumored to Sign with P-Nation: Will She Leave RBW?

Hwasa of MAMAMOO Rumored to Join Singer Psy’s Agency Gwangjin-gu, Seoul – June 11, 2023 On the afternoon of June 11th, Hwasa from the popular girl group MAMAMOO graced the stage at the Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. This performance marked the celebration of her twelfth mini album release, titled ‘MIC ON’. The album […]