“The Lord of the Four Ears and the Five Eyes”, the famous school of Doi Saket is far away! Chinese people from all over Asia, Europe and America flock to send their names to pray for blessings on the Day of Heaven.

Chiang Mai – Chinese people from many countries are flocking to send their name-surname-date of birth. Some flew straight to attend the ceremony. “Four ears and five eyes House of Deva Phra Muni, Chiang Mai “An auspicious day, Open Heaven Day and spread the word to each other among the Chinese in Asia Europe and […]

Forest fire chief mobilizes Smog firefighters continues : PPTVHD36

The IQAir website detects air quality in Chiang Mai. Poorly ranked No.1 in the world for the ninth day, with a high AQI of 254 Kitti Tiewtrakulwattana Director of Forest Fire Management The Bureau of Forest Protection and Fire Management, Royal Forest Department has used a destination area in the Ban Wang Ri area. Khao […]