LG CEO Koo Kwang-mo Initiates Generational Change and Reorganization – Vice Chairman and Presidents Resign, and New Executives Promoted

LG CEO Koo Kwang-mo Implements Generational Change In his sixth year as CEO, Koo Kwang-mo has bolstered LG’s leadership with a reorganization emphasizing ‘generational change’ and ‘future preparedness’ within the company. Key Resignations and Promotions Notable changes within LG include the resignations of Vice Chairman Kwon Young-soo and President Jeong Ho-young, who have been leaders […]

LG Electronics Announces 2024 Organizational Reorganization and Executive Appointments

Rewrite text Park Hyeong-se, head of the HE Business Division, and Jeong Dae-hwa, head of the Institute of Production Technology, were appointed president… 49 people promoted New HE Business Headquarters President Park Hyeong-se (pictured left) and new President Jeong Dae-hwa, head of the Institute of Manufacturing Technology (pictured right) LG Electronics will retain Jo Joo-wan […]

Hanwha Eagles Sign Deal for New Baseball Dream Park

Rewrite text Image of the new Hanwha football stadium./Hanwha Eagles [마이데일리 = 심혜진 기자] On the 22nd, Hanwha Eagles signed a use and profit contract with Daejeon Metropolitan City for the new baseball stadium Baseball Dream Park (tentative name), heralding the beginning of a new era. The Hanwha Group, including the Hanwha Eagles, will pay […]

LG Energy Solutions Appoints New CEO Amid Executive Reorganization

New Leadership Announced at LG Energy Solutions Kim Dong-myeong, age 54, has been appointed as the new CEO of LG Energy Solutions, following his role as head of the Automobile Battery Business Division (president). This announcement comes as Vice Chairman Kwon Young-soo, a long-serving member of LG Group, decided to resign to focus on his […]

OpenAI Drama Ends: Sam Altman Returns as CEO and Opens New Chapter with Microsoft

OpenAI Appoints Sam Altman as CEO and Reorganizes Board of Directors After a business war drama that lasted over the past weekend, OpenAI’s board of directors has agreed “in principle” to the return of former CEO Sam Altman and plans to reorganize the board. Altman’s decision to join Microsoft was made with the intention of […]

Former CEO Sam Altman Set to Return to OpenAI After Board Reorganization

OpenAI Board Reorganizes, Sam Altman Returns as CEO After a week-long business war, OpenAI’s board of directors has agreed “in principle” to the return of former CEO Sam Altman and will undergo a reorganization. Altman’s decision to join Microsoft was made with the goal of preserving the OpenAI team and its mission, and now with […]

Ultraman Returns: Open AI Announces Reinstatement of CEO Sam Altman

Ultraman Returns as Open AI CEO Open AI, the renowned AI technology company, has made a surprising announcement regarding the reinstatement of its former CEO, Sam Altman, affectionately known as Ultraman. The decision comes amidst a tumultuous period for the organization, which saw Altman being abruptly dismissed by the board of directors on the 17th […]

Pressure Builds to Reinstate Sam Altman as OpenAI CEO

Former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Visits San Francisco Headquarters On November 20th at approximately 5:00 Beijing time, Sam Altman, the former CEO of OpenAI, made an appearance at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, as evidenced by a social media post. Altman was seen wearing an OpenAI visitor badge during his visit. Recent reports from […]