Projected Images Warn of Impending Climate Change Catastrophe

Climate Central Warns of Impending Climate Crisis A virtual image released by Climate Central, a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of climate change, has painted a grim picture of the potential consequences of global warming. The image portrays the current state of cities such as Dubai, Mumbai, Fukuoka, and Glasgow, alongside projections of what […]

2023 Set to Become Hottest Year on Record, UN Report Warns

2023 Expected to Be Hottest Year on Record The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has made a concerning announcement, predicting that 2023 will go down in history as the hottest year on record. Despite there being one month left before the end of the year, the WMO’s interim 2023 State of the Global Climate report reveals […]

Germany loses the most water in the world

Germany loses more water than any other country in the world. That could cost us dearly. According to a new report from the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the consequences of the climate crisis in Germany are getting worse. Accordingly, Germany is one of the regions with the highest water loss in the world. The Federal […]

Historian Frankopan: “We must be afraid of the future”

The climate crisis is worsening and the earth is getting hotter. Another world climate conference should take countermeasures. Historian Peter Frankopan advises heeding the lessons of the past. Humanity is living dramatically beyond its means: climate crisis, species extinction and environmental pollution threaten our livelihoods. And not just in our present day, as Peter Frankopan […]

Oxfam: Rich people live in a way that is much more harmful to the climate than poor people

Social inequality is also reflected in the climate crisis: rich and super-rich people contribute to global warming tens of times more than poorer people. An Oxfam report reveals the imbalance. According to data analyzes by the development organization Oxfam, the extreme consumption of the rich and super-rich is accelerating global warming to an almost obscene […]

Climate crisis | Dark forecast for 1.5 degree target

An inevitable exceeding of the 1.5 degree limit? The renowned climate researcher Ottmar Edenhofer sees a long-term challenge for global climate policy. Climate researcher Ottmar Edenhofer expects that the global average temperature will probably exceed the 1.5 degree limit of the Paris Agreement for decades. “We will have to accept that there will be an […]

Climate crisis | Environmentalists: Oil and gas companies are strongly expanding

Despite all the alarm calls about global warming, the vast majority of oil and gas companies want to significantly expand their climate-damaging production, according to a new data analysis. This applies to 96 percent of the 700 funding companies recorded in the public database Global Oil & Gas Exit List (GOGEL), the nature conservation organization […]

Government Aims for Challenging Goal in Renewable Energy Production

The 5th Renewable Energy Day Commemoration Ceremony Calls for Expansion of Transmission and Distribution Grid In light of the increasing damage from climate change worldwide, the urgent need for a swift transition to clean energy has become more evident than ever. Renewable energy, as a natural alternative to fossil fuels, offers a solution to the […]