Discover the history of kimono, the Japanese national dress where it came from

history of kimono Starting from the Nara period (AD 710 – 794), before the kimono became popular. The Japanese often wear the same top and bottom pieces or the same fabric. Later in the Heian period (794 – 1192 AD) This is the beginning of wearing a kimono. The Japanese developed a technique for cutting […]

UNIQLO forwards garments donated by clients to 3 foundations

Mr Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Chief Working Officer of UNIQLO (Thailand) Co, Ltd, explained that UNIQLO has received clothing donations from consumers throughout the state who want to go on to those in have to have. Amongst July and the conclude of August 2022 additional than 14,094 items were gathered. which UNIQLO has launched to the youngsters […]

NINE FLOWERS| “Cezanne·Four Seasons” Yasuo Immersion Art Show The Beauty of the Four Seasons_Aesthetics_Clothes_China Academy of Oil Painting

Original title: FLOWER NINE|”Cezanne·Four Seasons” Immersive Art Show Praise the Beauty of the Four Seasons Travel through time and space to capture the inspiration of modern art. Taikang & FLOWER NINE’s immersive art show “Cezanne·Four Seasons” will slowly start at Suzhou Guardian·Youai Art Center on August 27, 2022. Wearing Chinese clothes, you can visit Cezanne’s […]

TVB Ten Thousand Stars Awards Ceremony Held

Original title: TVB Ten Thousand Stars Awards Ceremony Held Sohu Entertainment News Tonight at the TVB Thousands of Stars Awards Ceremony, Tan Junyan won the TVB Best Actor for “The Truth About Life”. He has won the third prize tonight. The other two awards are Malaysia’s favorite TVB actor and the most Good Dress Award; […]

start of the year of the tiger with bright clothes from “ASV Resort 2022”

ASV (ASV) led by Moo – Polpat Asavaprapha, designer and founder of Asava Group invites girls to enjoy fashion at the end of 2021 with a capsule collection. “ASV Resort 2022 Collection” A brand new collection to welcome this festive season of happiness and the coming new year, ASV will take everyone to the start […]