“Doraemon Ranch Story 2” announces a new promotional video and will be officially released on November 2-Game- cnBeta.COM

Bandai Namco today released the “Doraemon Ranch Story Natural Kingdom and the Hele Family” game screenshot “Communication with the Townspeople” promotional video. This work will be released on November 2, landing on Steam, PS5 and Switch platforms, and supporting Chinese. The game experience version is now online, players can experience the most basic ranch life […]

Fold sprint cell phone sales screen to 2 million units this year? What new tricks can manufacturers offer – Mobile – cnBeta.COM

Against the background of the relatively sluggish smartphone market in general, foldable screen phones have become a bright spot. Currently, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and other manufacturers have launched folding screen mobile phones. Apple, which is relatively conservative in new technologies, has yet to launch a foldable machine, but third-party analysis company CCS Insight […]

RIAA sees AI mixers as potential threat to recording industry – cnBeta.COM

TorrentFreak reports: The controversial Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has just revealed its latest sentiment on market movements.As usual, the music industry group continues to name various torrent websites and streaming services as familiar suspects. At the same time, the RIAA also sees some “AI-based” music mixers/extractors as emerging threats. In recent years, artificial […]