Balancing Mitigation and Adaptation: The Key to Effective Climate Change Response and Coordination

Equal attention to mitigation and adaptation and coordination are crucial in responding to climate change in order to ensure the sustainable development of human society. Currently, extreme weather events are occurring more frequently, causing irreversible damage to the global ecosystem and threatening food supply, infrastructure, and economic and social development. Mitigation and adaptation are the […]

DANIEL WELLINGTON Collaborates with Brand Ambassador Nako Yabuki for New Accessory Set

Daniel Wellington Unveils Exclusive Collaboration with Brand Ambassador Nako Yabuki Last June, Swedish watch and accessory brand Daniel Wellington announced Nako Yabuki, a popular singer and actress in Asia, as their brand ambassador. This partnership has now resulted in an exciting collaboration product launch, aimed at combining style and utility for consumers. Together with Yabuki […]

Tsukiji Gindako Collaborates with “Jujutsu Kaisen” for Exclusive Menu and Limited Edition Card

Collaboration Menu Featuring “Jujutsu Kaisen” Now Available at Tsukiji Gindako Tokyo, Japan – Tsukiji Gindako, a renowned takoyaki chain store, has unveiled an exciting collaboration menu inspired by the popular anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”. Running from 10th August to 9th November, this limited-time offering is set to delight fans with delectable treats and exclusive giveaways. Alluring […]

Coach Unveils ‘Coach x Observed By Us’ Collection: A Collaboration Between Illustrator Jessica Herschko and Actress Kirsten Dunst

**Coach Collaborates with Illustrator Jessica Herschko and Actress Kirsten Dunst for New Collection** New York Express luxury brand Coach has recently launched its latest collection, ‘Coach x Observed By Us’, a collaboration between LA-based illustrator and designer Jessica Herschko and renowned actress Kirsten Dunst. Dunst, known for her roles in Spider-Man and Eternal Sunshine, joined […]

CASETiFY Launches Limited Edition ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Venom’ Tech Accessories Collection in Collaboration with Marvel

CASETiFY and Marvel Join Forces to Launch Limited Edition Tech Accessories Inspired by ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Venom’ CASETiFY, a well-known global technology accessory brand, has partnered with Marvel to release its highly-anticipated limited edition collection of tech accessories featuring the iconic superhero ‘Spider-Man’. The collaboration between CASETiFY and Marvel marks the first-ever collection of its kind, […]

Jonas Brothers Announce New Song With TXT, K-Pop Group

More and more we see that k pop is nominating the popularity charts despite the fact that this genre has been on the market for many years. That’s why it’s not uncommon anymore to see different artists doing collaborations with idols and those who decided to unite their talent with a South Korean group were […]

‘Tal Lineage’ successful TL, the fun of co-op content is ‘unknown’

Correspondent Choi Woo-young of Money Today | 2023.05.31 06:30 [체험기]Throne & Liberty, a new game released in the second half of NCsoft, beta test The screen that naturally starts as you enter the first town after the TL tutorial. /Photo = TL beta test capture The appearance of the new TL (Throne and Liberty) was […]

Emtek RTX4070 Limited Edition, Night Crow Collaboration Special Edition

The NVIDIA RTX 4000 series is the leading gaming graphics card in the market. If it’s performance oriented, it’s 4090, but it’s realistic to turn to 4070 for pocket circumstances. Crucially, the market atmosphere focused on the latter. This is probably due to the discrepancy in the realistic price. Today’s PC market is thirsty for […]

US Cardiology Emphasis on Post-Stroke ‘Screening for Cognitive Impairment’

▲ Image source: Getty Image Bank. [메디칼업저버 박선혜 기자] The American cardiology community focused on the need to conduct a cognitive impairment screening test for stroke survivors. Cognitive impairment is not only common after stroke, but is also associated with prognosis and has a significant impact on quality of life, so multidisciplinary care for stroke […]

Rainy queue for Chinese game collaboration pizza…finding ‘Genshin’ fans in Mok-dong

Pizza Alvolo Mok-dong, located in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, has been a success since the first day of the offline collaboration event ‘Genshin’. Even in rainy weather, there was a long queue of Genshin fans who visited the store even before opening hours. Fans enjoying the event, including visitors dressed as in-game characters, flocked to congratulatory wreaths […]