“I might have been targeted too.” A high school girl felt the fear of life. A man in his twenties attacks a school, and what the students think[review in 2022]

The incident targeted the office of Constitutional Democratic Party lawmaker Tsujimoto, the integrated middle and high school Korea International Academy attended by Koreans in Japan, and the facilities of the Soka Gakkai. The man believed the information on Twitter and committed the crime. What exactly do the students and participants feel? (2022 retrospective) View Entire […]

“Chocolate bars are getting smaller year by year” Misinformation spreads with “Alert” before Valentine’s Day. Pointed out that “the weight is different” every three years from 2015, the three major companies deny

Information is spreading on social media that “the chocolate bar is getting smaller every year, and the weight will be different in 2015, 2018, and 2021.” However, as a result of interviews with three major manufacturers of chocolate bars, we found that the weight of chocolate bars has not decreased since 2015. However, the price […]