“IT retail stock” mess! The Foxconn crisis caused a shortage of iPhones.

This period has become high season for the retail business which can generate the most sales of the year. “IT tools” It is another best-selling product, and many brands prefer to launch new products in the last quarter. To encourage customers to switch to new products to welcome the coming new year, such as “apple” […]

COM7 aims to increase market share by 35% in the next 3 years,

Miss Sansanee Saengrot Permsuk Sawangnet, Head of Marketing, Com7 Public Company Limited (COM7), revealed that COM7 has a goal in the next 3 years to have a market share of 35% of the current COM7 market share of personal computers , which is 10% and 18% in the mobile market, with COM7 having mobile sales […]

Long break | off record

๐๐๐ long break Survey and check individual stocks, almost without strength, moving swaying …. The more you have only 3 trading days and continue with a long break, the stock looks lethargic. It seems to be taking a long break as well. It’s still good to get some buyback strength in bank stocks after showing […]