Bus Reform Plan in Bangkok: Increasing or Decreasing Bus Routes and Privatization Impact

Bus Routes in Bangkok Undergo Reform and Privatization Bangkok’s bus system is currently undergoing a major reform and privatization process. Out of the 272 bus routes in the city, 151 routes are awaiting reform. These routes will either be modified or completely stopped, while 121 routes have already been revised and are currently operational. Additionally, […]

TRUE promotes the concept of Better Together, True-DTAC as Telecom Tech Com

Mr Manat Manavutthiwet, CEO of True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE), the new company following the merger between the former TRUE and Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (DTAC) announced that TRUE and DTAC are joining together on the Equal Partner principle to create a leading telecommunications technology company (Telecom Technology company) to promote the […]

“Sak Siam” is waiting for “Chuwit” to give information about the change of 30 thousand million baht, the orange line in 15 days, swipe to see the live broadcast referring to “Pee Nevin”

The Minister of Transport revealed that he was waiting for “Chuvit” to clarify within 15 days after the transport requested documents for the 30 billion baht change to the Orange Line electric train, confirming compliance with the law without discrimination. Flick could not watch the live broadcast, referring to “Pee Ne Win”. Today (February 28) […]

“Chuwit” boils over, does not hold back “Pride Thai” | 27 Feb. ’23

“Chuwit” boils over, does not hold back “Proud Thai” . A bloody story arose When a public health officer went down to inspect the marijuana shop in Mr Chuwit’s hotel area Does Mr Chuvit think this looks like bullying or not? . Follow up on the “Big news” list Monday, February 27, 2023 at 10:50 […]

“Lumpini Wisdom” signifies Chaengwattana-Ratchapruek-Kanchanaphisek | RYT9

“Lumpini Wisdom” points out that “Chaengwattana-Ratchaphruek-Kanchanaphisek” are 3 great locations for residential development with price ranges starting from 10 million baht, responding to the potential of location, transportation and environment. Mr. Praphansak Rakchaiwan, Managing Director of Lumpini Wisdom and Solution Co., Ltd., a real estate research and development company affiliated with LPN The price level […]

Keep an eye on the ‘Thing Thuan’ project worth 700 billion. The aim of ‘Transport’ is to make an auction for the Orange Line.

The government is counting the work left General Prayut Chan-o-cha The Prime Minister announced thatdissolve parliamentearly March 2023 and maybe it willvoteon May 7, 2023, which causes the project to be approved by the Cabinet (cabinet) must be acted upon. Sakkayam Chidchob, the Minister of Transport, revealed that the Office of the Election Commission (Election […]

Continued losses under BMTA ‘Sak Siam’ wing

Since 2019, under the supervision of Mr Sakkayam Chidchob, the Minister of Transport. Determine one of the policies to speed up the organization of resolving a loss under the rehabilitation plan. The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) has set an important goal to clear the accumulated debt burden of more than 130 billion baht, ready […]