Hemsa declared bankrupt

02 MIN 30 SEG Alfredo González and Alejandra Mendoza Monterrey, Mexico (December 7, 2023) .-05:00 hrs The company was founded in November 1967 with the name Hilos y Estambres de Monterrey SA Credit: special Hemsa, the royal chain of the departmental and haberdashery industry that the late businessman Jesús Marcos Giacomán founded 56 years ago, […]

Musk wins CFE tender to provide satellite internet

02 MIN 00 SEG Reuters Mexico City (November 6, 2023) .-9:39 p.m. The contract is for a minimum of 887.5 million pesos (50.67 million dollars) and a maximum of up to 1,775 million pesos (101.33 million dollars), according to the document. Credit: AP Starlinkthe satellite internet unit of SpaceXof which the billionaire Elon Musk He […]

BRUKA IN SREBRENICA: After being insulted on a national basis, female workers do not feel safe, the owner of the company also announced…

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/10/portal-hd00-15-18-06still3973-1696879093.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/10/portal-hd00-15-18-06still3973-1696879093.jpg”,”caption”:”Screenshot”,”bg”:”3b3d26″] Melisa Ibrahimović i Melisa Suljic, workers of the Srebrenica branch of the textile company “6. novembar” from Zvornik decided not to go to work yesterday, because, as they say, they don’t feel safe. Ibrahimović claims that, although after several months of conflicts and provocations on a national basis sent by three colleagues from work, […]

HP drives PC innovation

Companies around the world are facing new challenges to remain competitive, as the implementation of hybrid work or the impact of artificial intelligence, and to support them HP focused on innovating and has just launched more than 20 new devices and services. These are new products and solutions, software and services that will come to […]

Over 50 Companies Found Violating Midday Break Law in United Arab Emirates

About 50 Companies in UAE Violate Midday Break Law, Ministry Reports Abu Dhabi About 50 companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been found in violation of the midday break law, according to the Ministry of Human Resources. Over a span of two months, officials conducted 55,192 tests to ensure compliance with the law, […]

They shelve the lawsuit against Televisa for bribery to FIFA

The lawsuit accused Televisa of participating in a bribery scheme before FIFA in order to obtain the broadcast rights to the 2018, 2022, 2026 and 2030 World Cups. Credit: AFP Televisa indicated that it did not consider that the claims had merit, but agreed to the payment of about 21.5 million dollars in order to […]

Inflation forces restaurant sector to innovate: Deloitte

He restaurant and service industry plays a fundamental role in the national economy, standing out especially for its contribution to the generation of jobs, which represent 8.1%, according to data from the INEGI to January 2023. It may interest you: Restaurants and markets face a difficult outlook During the pandemic, this industry was one of […]