Microsoft Launches Compact Mode for Xbox Application on Windows Handheld Devices: Improving Efficiency for Small Screen Operations

Microsoft Launches Compact Mode Xbox Application Update for Windows Handhelds Microsoft has recently rolled out an update for the Xbox application, catering to the growing Windows handheld market. The update includes a new Compact Mode, aimed at enhancing the user experience on devices with smaller touch screens. Compact Mode to Improve Efficiency With an increasing […]

Generation Z Praising Brands for Successful Marketing Strategies during Worlds Cup 2023

Brands Praised by Generation Z for World Cup Season Success E-sports and LoL Fandom Gathered for Unique Experience Programs Riot Games: Heading into the ‘World Cup’ season, Riot Games not only attracted e-sports fandom but also LoL fandom with their innovative marketing strategies. Haitai Ice: Planning various experience programs at the Bar Ssangssang pop-up shop […]

Com2uS’ “Mini Game Heaven” Introduces New Content and Events

Com2uS Introduces New Content Updates to ‘Mini Game Heaven’ By Hojeong Lee, Digital Today Journalist Com2uS’ ‘Mini Game Heaven’ has recently implemented exciting new content updates, including the addition of the mini game ‘Puseo Ppusher’. ‘Puseo Pusher’, part of the original mini game series, challenges players to move their character to prevent a ball from […]

Gangwon Winter Tourism Promotion Exhibition Draws Crowds at Plaza Jungang-dong

Gangwon Winter Tourism Promotion Exhibition Draws Crowds in Sejong The Gangwon Winter Tourism Promotion Exhibition, held at Plaza Jungang-dong of the Sejong Government Complex on the 14th, drew a large crowd of departing residents, local residents, and Sejong public officials. This event was part of the Gangwon One Team Love Campaign, aiming to promote winter […]

Pfizer Oncology Showcases Innovative Cancer Drugs at CIIE

Cancer breakthroughs showcased at CIIE by Pfizer Oncology For five consecutive years, Pfizer Oncology has used the China International Import Expo (CIIE) as a platform to spotlight innovative cancer drugs. This year, the event “Science Another Step Forward, and the Fight Against Cancer Goes a Step Further – Pfizer Oncology Day at CIIE 2023” focused […]

Kakao’s Third Quarter 2023 Performance and Management Reforms: Sales, Dividends, and Future Plans

Kakao Releases Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results The Elec, a specialist media in the fields of semiconductors, displays, batteries, automotive electronics, and ICT parts. Kakao, a leading South Korean technology company, recently announced its financial performance for the third quarter of 2023. Despite falling short of market expectations in sales, the company reported an operating […]

Huawei Reading Upgrade for Mate X5: A Premium Reading Experience

Huawei Introduces Reading Upgrade for Mate X5 It is said that “The ancients used three winter feet to open more than ten thousand volumes when they were young.” Today, as winter begins, it is a perfect time for reading. While paper books hold a special place in the hearts of avid readers, the fast pace […]