‘Diablo 4’ to be released in June next year, what kind of content is included?

The release date of ‘Diablo 4’, the latest in the ‘Diablo’ series, which is synonymous with action RPGs, has been confirmed as June 6 next year. Blizzard Entertainment announced that it will release ‘Diablo 4’ in June next year with cross-platform play and progress data synchronization support on PC, Xbox, and PS (PlayStation) series. ‘Diablo […]

A keyword that works for Generation Z? K-POP lyrics have the answer!

Who should read this content – Those who want to discover the values ​​of Generation Z in ‘K-POP’ songs– Why is this idol group so popular these days? Those who are curious about what is the ‘concept’ that works for Generation Z Melon TOP5 on 11/14 If you look at the domestic music charts for […]

Musk ordered company-wide layoffs at Twitter, sources say

Share All share options for: Musk ordered company-wide layoffs on Twitter, sources say IT House News on October 30, according to the New York Times,Elon Musk ordered layoffs across the company on Twitter on Saturday. It is not clear how many workers will be affected by the so-called layoffs, but sources told The New York […]