Mr says Kazlaser, “My boyfriend doesn’t give birth control,” and a word for a woman worried about her dating partner ⇨ Problem solved in seconds[Fideo]| HuffPost NEWS

[Rwyf hefyd eisiau darllen]”What should I do with people who talk ill of me behind my back?” Kazulaser of the comedy duo “Maple Chogokin” has been receiving a lot of responses to the video he released on his YouTube on January 14th. He responded to viewers’ concerns with a video titled “Worry becomes irrelevant when […]

Pregnant with polycystic ovaries for 7th child…Internet celebrities don’t use contraception “birth to menopause” Shame exposure: 3 times a week | Entertainment | QUANTITY

The famous internet blogger “Lins’ Kids TheLins’Kids” Sydney is a mother of 6 children, but in October this year, she announced the good news about her pregnancy again and was upgraded to a mother of 7. In the face of criticism from many outsiders, Lin Dao expressed that she would continue to give birth. And […]