The latest cooking game “Cook Serve Forever” influenced by “Ore no Ryouri” will be released on Steam in 2023.

 VertigoGamingInc.Is a cooking simulation game『Cook Serve Forever』Announced that it will be released on Steam in 2023. “Cook Serve Forever” has three works released in the past『Cook, Serve, Delicious!』It is a new work in the series. “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” Is the first PS“My cooking”The series was produced under the influence of, and the rough game system […]

Bread lunches, empty childcare classrooms… Why are the school irregular workers on strike?

◀ anchor ▶ Aside from holding a large-scale rally, the circumstances in which the canteen cooks and caregivers chose to strike should be looked at separately. In the end, it is not to discriminate against non-regular workers. Reporter Hee-hyeong Cho listened to their stories. ◀ Report ▶ An elementary school lunchtime in Seoul. Sandwiches, tangerines, […]