“Doctor Chana” suspends service on 1 June after the Covid-19 situation. continued to decline

Ministry of Health Notified from 1 June 2022 onwards “Doctor wins” to help Thai people win COVID-19 let’s win together Announcement of service termination The latter is open to the public for check-in. Automatic transmission of user travel recordsCovid-19 situation better and support the covid disease asendemic disease The responsible authority will delete all information […]

Today’s total of covid-19 cases 23,441, 88 deaths.

epidemic situation ofCovid-19 Daily, the Center for Situation Administration for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Epidemic, or Prof. report on the epidemic situationcoronavirus disease 2019 Most recently, on March 21, 2022, the overview of the outbreak still had to be closely monitored after it was found.23,441 new COVID-19 cases resulting in the cumulative total of 3,377,410 […]

Siriraj Hospital Close the emergency examination service. receive only severe symptoms

On March 7, 2022 Siriraj Hospital Issue an announcement requestingClosing service of medical examination unit – emergency In the situation of the epidemic of corona virus 2019 (COVID-19) specify according toSiriraj HospitalThere will be improvements to the Emergency Medical Examination Unit. But due to the epidemic situationCovid-19 There are many infected and suspected of being […]

Happily, 537 people infected in Kan have recovered, while 220 people have been infected.

Kanchanaburi – Covid-19 Kanchanaburi city today Recovered from sickness, smashed the record of 537, added 220 infected commanders, collecting 4,719 infected people in the province and outside the province, 34 people died, 34 accumulated deaths. Offer to close yourself Today (2 Aug) Kanchanaburi Provincial Public Health Office Report on the situation of the epidemic of […]